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Small Business Marketing - Stand And Deliver On Your Honor And Orders

May 22, 2008
Why did you offer a product on Google Products at that price - And Not Deliver Because you couldn't up-sell me? When I spent over $1,100.00 first time around to the site. Hmmm!

Absolutely Chilling - How can a online business list a product on Google Products with an intentional Unsupportable price? You can't - Simply put, that is intentional fraud. Yet some people think that they can get away with it.

One video place Didn't deliver on a $1,125.00 HD Video Camera. 5 days later I called, I was high pressure pitched for camera batteryies and chargers no less than 15 times over 10 offensive minutes> The call ended with What's a matter, Don't have one more dollar to spend? God had me forgive him somehow, I still keep the order with the company. One lesser man doesn't make a lesser company stuff.

I was wrong. I waited for 3 more weeks. Still not even a UPS tracking number. Then I get am email asking me to verify my credit card by scanning my driver's license and credit card on both sides, then faxing to their office.

Un-Freakin Believable. I very unhappily did. No HD camera or UPS tracking info for 1 more week. I cancel Finally. 1 week later they Charge my card Anyway. Which puts that particular credit card in a negative balance and freezes the card until this is straightened out. I call back feeling half like Teddy Roosevelt at the moment. Don't worry, I left the Big Stick at the horse. For now.

The lady I was supposed to speak to was not there. She will call you back. No call for 2 days. Finally I call again. Two people later and I supposedly will have it straightened out.

When a moron ever turns into a complete Bozo by doing a string of screw-ups like this - Their days as a business are numbered.

It is NOT a LOSS LEADER ad. It is plain Fraud -

Get it together folks or Put your dreams in freezer wrap. People like these - make all marketing focused small business people of impeccable integrity and dependable follow through - look like absolute ?%*&^(% -s.

Then I order some PC software I found again on Google Products. 4 days later, they cancel my order through PayPal. Another $150.00 bucks frozen until Paypal refunds the money to my company

That's twice in a month. Pardon me - I must go outside and make mountains shiver for many seasons to come. There. I almost sounded like Big Foot with his kid stolen for a moment.

If you don't intend to deliver 110% every time Get off the internet. Almost isn't ALMOST. It's Much, Much Worse.

Now I'm Down Both a HD Camera and a Credit Card just before a big event to shoot. And some specialized software essential for a certain phase of a new business launch.

Nah - Don't Hang them, Drag them first! (Your client will think)

Deliver like the Pony Express just before a severe thunder storm.

Rule number 1) Deliver - Period. Source a solution from another distributor if you have to. Your client is number 1.

Back to the current story. If they had done anything that demonstrated Un-Common Valor instead, I would entertain doing business with them for life.

That one cost them both Big time with both Pro Video and Software needs. Already researched and credit card in hand. That is the price one pays for giving a new client the runover.

Before you hang a shingle Get your commitment to exceptional customer satisfaction down like a Marine Honor Guard. Or sit down and learn from the best.

In closing, Famed Hollywood Sound Byte coach Milo Frank made millionaires multi-millionaires. Milo did this by coaching their best 30 second sound bytes out of them. At any given moment. For that indeed could be the literal Game Breaker for your small business marketing program.

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