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Internet Marketing Explained - The Rules Were Changed In 2007 - The Secrets We Learned Are...

May 22, 2008
Internet Marketing Loyal - It Seems Someone woke up at 4:00 AM, the day Before... And captured all of the low hanging fruit in your entire market. And Google Stopped to penalize you Again... And T. Harv Ecker won't be in town for another year to re-align your currently funky attitude. Now what?

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 1) Always be Promoting.

Small Business Promotion along with marketing is the co-lifeblood of a successful business in 2008.

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 2) Always be Marketing.

"Marketing makes the banks call you instead my grandpa always said." Smart man indeed. Learn from that because even when all of the chips are down - marketing may be the knight in shining armor that comes to your small business rescue magically.

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 3) Always be List Building.

How does an average small business owner become a millionaire? By having 10 million buyers for his product or service. Usually the numbers work out much better...

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 4) Always be Solving a Problem.

A new small business owner is usually experiencing a fresh attempt at marketing. The multi-millionaire understands their goal is not to be an expert salesperson. The accomplished business owner's vision is to instead - Solve Problems for potential clients. It's what we really buy. A solution to a considerable disadvantage for example. Like PC virus protection software. Or a solution to a considerable small business advantage. Like mail merge software.

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 5) Always be Searching for Joint Venture Partners...

Joint Venture Partners are individuals or corporations that you "team-up" with on a specifically planned project. You two decide the terms and approach to compliment each other. Have your small business attorney draw up a joint venture or JV contract to reflect both of your intentions. Then each of you carry out your part of the JV contract. JV compensation can be proportionate to each partners efforts. That's the beauty of a great JV. It is designed to do Only what you expect of it. Very powerful and adaptable small business techniques indeed.

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 6) Always be Following Up in your email Campaigns.

The email autoresponder is a dripping super vitamin IV. A properly setup autoresponder is part of a pain free small business recovery from Google changes. I said to the woman.

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 7) Always be finding Exceptional Products to Offer Clients.

The street smart way to increasing small business revenues is additional hand selected product offerings. This can be done via JV partnership for their product. You get a percentage commission once or twice a month.

Marketing other products is a very ethical practice. The carved in stone key is - Quality. Would you buy it personally and be proud of your purchase choice? If even 1 key difference of opinion exists - Dump It! Keep looking in that case. Stick with quality product offers only - to a starving market for low hanging fruit. After the exceptional quality is personally experienced, share that story.

Internet Marketing Explained - Rule 8) Always be Recruiting.

A wise man once told me that 2 sets of observant eyes are better than only 1 set. And 4 sets are 4 times better. Point made. This time leveraging concept is called Small Business Networking. Or you can recruit for your Affiliate program. Or freelance outsourcing needs. You can't beat a team of fellow small business owners who market themselves - And your small business interests too.

One last Critical insight. Always be providing VIP level Customer Support. Get a support ticket system online to handle 95% of your typical customer calls. Now you only have the bigger stuff to make disappear. Father Time Thanks you eternally.

"Winning is not a Sometime Thing - Its' an All-time thing. And unfortunately, so is Losing" Vince Lombardi
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