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10 Reasons To Use Pay Per Click

May 22, 2008
When you are debating with yourself (or your accountant!) as to why pay per click is a necessary part of your online marketing scheme, you'll find that there are plenty of reasons to use this type of advertising to promote your website! Take some time to think about what pay per click advertising can do for you.

1.Catch people in the right frame of mind.

You'll find that when you use this advertising that the people who see your ad are already thinking about what you offer and are thinking about how to get it. This will make them more prone to look and more importantly, to buy.

2.Learn about your demographic.

Using pay per click can teach you a great deal about who is coming to your site and what is attracting them. This is a good way to do some research that is immediately useful and that will pay for itself.

3.Everyone else is doing it.

If your competitors are the ones who are using this advertising method and you are being left out, you'll soon see that this is something that you simply cannot afford to do. Don't let your competitors have this valuable venue all to themselves.

4.Be seen

Even if they don't click your ad right away, the people who hit the site in question will have seen it. This can be the first step towards getting them to come back and ask questions.

5.Immediate relation between effect and payment

You will only pay when someone actually goes to your site and looks around. This makes pay per click one of the few forms of advertisement where you can see a direct correlation between what you spend and what results you will see.

6.Instant adjustment

Don't like the ad that you've put up? Feel that it is targeted badly and want to try something else? For the most part, pay per click ads, particularly large ones that are run off search engines, can be changed immediately to your satisfaction.

7.No extra cost for seasonal effects

Unlike other advertising venues where you have to pay more when holiday seasons come through, you'll find that pay per click prices remain fairly stable, no matter what is going on. Though you might have to bid more for certain words, you'll never see an enormous price jump when the holidays come through.

8.It's fast

Setting up pay per click advertising can be the work of a matter of minutes. You'll find that you can set up an account in a very short amount of time, with absolutely no experience needed.

9.Lots of people want to help you

You'll find that there are plenty of Web 2.0 and search engine optimization specialists that are interested in helping you make the most of your opportunity; help is just a click away!

10.More traffic!

The end result of pay per click is, of course, getting more people to your site who are interested in what you have to sell and what you can do for them!
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents many UK businesses. For Pay per Click, he recommends Impact Media Ltd, one of the UK's leading specialists of Pay per Click Services .
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