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Virtual Assistants - The Best Thing to Happen for Businesses Since the Internet

May 23, 2008
Business owners, entrepreneurs and managers deal with a wide array of overwhelming responsibilities. Unfortunately, part of these responsibilities don't involve the commitment of building the business, because they are so focused on having to balance books, reply and send out emails, answer the phones, maintain detailed spreadsheets and so much more.

Especially, in the start of phase of business, owners and entrepreneurs basically have to do everything, even if it is trivial to the overall success of the business. And, managers that have to deal with all aspects of an organizations business must also figure a way to cope with demanding tasks.

Many times, these inundated business professionals feel that the only way to get ahead and get assistance is by hiring a part-time or full time employee. However, this is far from the absolute truth! Instead, they should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant, one that won't have to be trained, and watched over every minute to ensure that she is performing up to par.

Furthermore, hiring a Virtual Assistant verses hiring an employee, whether full-time or part-time, is the fact that the business won't have to swallow the costs of paying payroll taxes, benefits, workman's compensation, holidays, vacation time, and other overhead expenses such as an extra desk and computer. Not to mention, that when the employee has down-time and has nothing to do but surf the internet, the business won't have to cover that cost as well.

Basically, if a VA is hired to perform a job, she is paid per project or on an hourly-as needed basis. Yes, Virtual Assistants understand that you need to save cost and so many of them use a time tracking management software program to track the time spent on the projects they work on.

There are so many benefits associated with utilizing virtual assistance for your business. First, if you need a multitude of assistance with different projects, a Virtual Assistant can handle it.

A VA is trained to provide you with a variety of professional services. Therefore, you might want to start brainstorming and thinking of different things that are weighing you down that you could actually have outsourced to a VA. Consider asking yourself these questions:

Have you been keeping track of all of your finances?

How much time does tracking finances take away from you being able to gain clientele and increase profit?

Have you been answering the phones and all aspects of email?

How much time does being the receptionist take away from you being able to gain clientele and increase profit?

Also, how much time do you spend on organizing files, making appointments and keeping track of your calendar, and what about spreadsheets?

These are all questions that you need to consider answering and deciding on whether or not you should be tackling as a daily routine.

Virtual Assistants are becoming more and more popular with being the next best thing since the internet was introduced and "why" might you ask? Well, it is obvious that a VA can save a business not only time but money and these two things are very valuable to a business owner, entrepreneur, and manager. Also, because a Virtual Assistant is a sole-proprietor, they provide quality and professional work to their clients so that they will have them return. Because to a VA, a happy client means a returning client, which means a successful VA practice!
About the Author
Christy Taylor, author, is the CEO of Virtual Business Connections. For more information on what a Virtual Assistant can do for your business, visit her website at http://www.virtualbusinessconnections.com
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