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How to Get a Steady Stream of Traffic From Forums

May 23, 2008
Forums are concentrated communities of highly targeted prospects that are all interested in the same things.

Why are they a great place to market your home business?

1. Forums are HIGHLY targeted.
2. You can learn great new tips and tricks on any particular topic.
3. Your links remain over time and increase in number with every one of your posts.

The biggest reason that forums are a great place to market your business is that people that click through to your ads will already be familiar with affiliate marketing or internet marketing because those are the types of forums where you'll be promoting your business.

If a prospect from a home business or affiliate marketing forum sees value in what you're promoting and joins your business they'll already know how to get off to a fast start without your help.

You'll be promoting your business through what's called a "signature box". I don't get thousands of hits a day, but I probably get 20 - 30 highly targeted hits on average. With forums, that's enough. It's a constant flow that slowly grows over time.

If you post a comment on a highly viewed thread hundreds of prospects in a single day may see your signature box advertising your lead capture page.

I want to make it very clear that you should not post a comment just to get your signature box seen. This is SPAMMING and it's distasteful.

The other forum members will know what you're doing and they will remember you as being someone that tries to take away from the community instead of trying to add to it. Only add to the discussion if you have something of value to include otherwise just read, learn, and wait for your turn to chime in.

How do you find forums?

Just go to Google and do a search for home business forums or network marketing forums, you get the idea. Save yourself some time, if it looks like no one has made a post in a forum for the past month it's probably not worth your time.

Here are a couple I visit regularly: wahm warriorforum
First you just register as a member of the forum, set up your "signature box", and then simply participate.

Like I said before don't SPAM! Chime in when it's your turn and don't be afraid to ask questions. If you've had a burning question that you haven't been able to find the answer to - forums are the best place to ask that question.

Find 5 forums in your target market and register yourself as a member. Commit to making a least three posts per day per forum from here on out.

Signature Tip: Always send people to your personal capture page that will grow your own list!

Sample Signature:

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