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Business Mangers; How To Choose An Account Package

May 23, 2008
When starting a business there are so many considerations to be made that you can often find yourself in a quagmire of decision and deliberation. Not least of these decisions is which business account package to opt for, with so many options on the market, choosing the right account can be arduous and extremely difficult. While the right account will mean you have a solid financial platform for your business, the wrong decision can lead to financial ruin.

Many will be tempted to just open an account with the bank that they currently hold a personal account with. This however can be a common mistake, while may be easier, the result could be you missing out on great offers and services provided by rival banks; this is help that your business could utilise in order to achieve success. an added bonus of finding a separate bank is that you will not be putting all your eggs in one basket as such; giving one bank complete control over your financial situation is rarely advisable, hence using different banks for personal and business finances is strongly advisable.

A major concern for your business should be an efficient system for payments and transactions that will allow you to control your cash flow. A basic account will most probably supply you with a chequebook and paying-in book although there are of course other payment methods available with most packages. These simple methods however will allow you to keep track of your finances easily although they can be time consuming and ultimately inefficient.

Today, electronic forms of transaction are becoming a far more popular account option for business owners. Direct debit systems have made transactions easy and automatic, reducing stress for you and limiting any chance of forgetting payments. Bills such as rent and utilities are perfect for direct debit payment as are regular payments to suppliers. This means that you can worry less about remembering which bills need paying and focussing more time on the success of your company.

Account packages vary in terms of charges and interest rates; these are usually related to transactions. If you make a great deal of transactions it will be worth opting for a monthly based charge rather than one based upon a pro rata system. Remember however; as with most things in life negotiation can be a powerful tool, negotiating charges and interest is always a possibility so do not just opt for the package printed on the bank's literature.

A concern should also be the level of support you will receive from your bank. Many account packages now offer business advice, although usually at a premium. In some cases you may be provided with your own advisor in branch and usually with a direct line. This is not always the case however; some banks have a phone team of advisors that you will be able to call for assistance. While they may not bring the personal touch, they can still provide valuable advice and so should be utilised as a versatile resource when starting your business. You should also consider the bank's opening hours and availability, if your bank cannot fulfil your needs, find another.

Electronic monitoring and internet banking is becoming an increasingly large part of modern account packages. Internet banking will grant you access to your finances on a twenty four hour basis, vital if you often carry out banking processes out of regular opening hours. Telephone banking is also becoming increasingly popular, again giving you a twenty four hour banking access solution.

When you are choosing a business account, it is essential to shop around, it is unbelievable how much packages can differ from bank to bank and finding the perfect account is a vital element of success. Do not be afraid to play banks off against each other, making it clear what another bank may have offered you. After all, they are courting your custom and for the sake of your company it is important to find a banking solution that will help as much as possible.
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Banking expert Thomas Pretty looks into ways to choose a business account and how the choice can make a great deal of difference to your company.
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