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How Does SDSL Work?

May 23, 2008
SDSL Broadband or Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line is a high-speed Internet access service with matching upstream and downstream data transfer rates. SDSL Broadband is the ideal choice for very heavy bandwidth use.

For example, as a medium for streaming technology, Voice Over IP, or server hosting, SDSL Broadband is the appropriate service. Also with contention not being a problem, even at the worst of times, the connection will still be better than other DSL connections.

This broadband will utilise a digital frequency travelling across existing copper telephones lines to send and receive data. When using the telephone line for this service, phone and fax services on that line must be suspended. Therefore a dedicated second, or additional, line is then needed for an SDSL service. This differs from ADSL, which leaves room for both standard analogue telephone equipment and the digital signal, so that one can talk on the phone or use a fax machine while online.

Using a copper pair running from the local phone company to the dedicated modem will provide internet bandwidth at a lower cost than T1 service. SDSL Broadband is used to provide internet access, but it is not a replacement for communications based on protocols other than TCP/IP. It allows the same data transfer speed in both directions, it is "Symmetrical". Sometimes a few lines have impairments that prevent having a suitable all copper connection and prevent some from benefiting from an SDSL connection.

It is not available in all areas and speeds might vary depending upon physical distance from the local hubs. The fastest speed obtainable depends on the distance between the providers building, usually the phone company, called the Central Office or C/O, and the installed modem. The distance is the length of the copper pair, which is probably more than the direct "in a straight line" distance. The phone company's central office is usually located in highly populated areas or in the business district of a community. If the circuit is too long, the phone company may consider putting in a remote central office also called a Remote DSLAM. An SDSL Broadband is generally available in speeds from 512kb to 2Mb per second - roughly 10 to 100 times the speed of a dialup phone line.

Since this type of broadband operates on its own dedicated line, no Microfilter (A small device that plugs into a normal telephone socket and splits the line into both a standard telephone socket and a DSL broadband socket) is needed because SDSL Broadband operates on a dedicated line; there is no need to provide a filter that is designed to facilitate other services. As such SDSL completely takes over while running and no other service can concurrently run.

It will utilise the full availability of the phone line bandwidth and thus allows for the maximum connection available. Although some draw backs exist to this equipment, the benefits surpass any such drawbacks and allow SDSL Broadband users the best DSL connection depending on their needs.
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