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How To Find Quality Sales Training Programmes

May 23, 2008
Training is a vital constituent of the sales industry and crucial in keeping it going. Sales is an industry that feels developments in technology, products and processes more acutely than others, mainly due to the fact that for sales training to be effective it must be up to date. It is important for sales workers to have a clear idea of products in order to have leverage in negotiations; the value of effective sales training cannot be underestimated.

Within the industry there is a vast array of training products on offer. Not only are there in-house programmes but also mass events sponsored by corporations or companies. The different nature of these products directly relates to the quality of the training given. Naturally whoever is running these courses will have their own agenda; it may not always be about improving the sales techniques of your team.

First and foremost, before you decide to enter into a sales training programme you need to evaluate your needs and what you are expecting the programme to deliver, ultimately you are buying a product and ensuring you will be satisfied with the product should be a major concern. Some of the cheaper training programmes usually come hand in hand with a sponsor's products. This can be extremely useful as the vendor normally has a vested interest in successful sales of their products, and hence the training should be relatively efficient.

What should be avoided however is a programme blatantly created as an advert rather than a worthwhile training course. Some courses are clearly ninety percent advert and only ten percent training; these will have little or no effect to the efficiency of your sales team. Ultimately you want a course that will provide valuable information and not just corporate spiel about the greatness of their product.

It is important to understand what is driving the sponsor when they host a training event. This way it is possible to be realistic about your expectations before you enter the course. You do not want to be in the situation where you have forked out a large sum for a week long event and come out at the other end thinking that you have wasted your money and have gained no real knowledge.

Five of your main considerations should include who is sponsoring the event? What is the experience level and qualifications of the instructor or tutor? Why is the training event being hosted? How much will the event cost for you and your sales team? And whether they offer personal statements of past students who have attended courses?

When considering who is sponsoring the event, the size of this company should be considered in order to gain an idea of the quality of the training delivered. Most providers will give training that will give valuable knowledge to sales reps.

The instructor or tutor should ideally be from the industry with a proven track record of success. Most people can read from a handout but having someone with knowledge to impart is a valuable training resource.

These two concerns should be of prime importance to you when embarking upon a sales training programme. Fundamentally you want to come out of the other end more knowledgeable than when you began. To improve your own and your sales team's technique is the ultimate goal and as long as the training provides this, it can be deemed a success.
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