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Making More Money with Better Lead Management

May 23, 2008
Leads can be a great way to match up your services with interested customers, but you have to learn how to manage them well to get the best return on your investment. Leads represent a significant investment because it takes money to secure them and time to bring them to fruition. You might not be able to influence the price you pay for new leads, but you can improve the way you manage them.

Automated Tasks
One of the best ways to save time during lead management is to find an automated program designed to keep you organized. For example, instead of using a manager to assign leads to other employees, you can invest in a system that does that task automatically. An automated system can also send out welcome emails to new leads and follow-up reminders for employees so that none of the leads you have invested in fall through the cracks. With all of the leads stored in a task system, it will be easy to keep things organized and prioritized too.

Another way to increase your lead management productivity is to track your progress. If a manager can see the results of employee efforts in real time, it will be easy for them to see which employees are working well. Those employees can then share their tactics and skills with others to help everyone become efficient and successful. Just knowing that their work is well documented and visible can be good incentive for employees to work harder too.

Secure Storage
A good lead management system should also be able to store your leads and their progress in a secure place. After all, customers expect that you will keep their personal information confidential and having access to your lead history can help you and your managers gage the progress that you've made.

If you have never tried using a system like this before, make sure you buy the software from a company that is as committed to you as you are to your own clients. They should be willing to help train you on their product and provide continued support in the event of technical difficulties.

When you first receive a lead it is only a name and some contact information. As soon as you make contact, that name becomes a real person and a potential client though. And as such, they need a lot of attention and care. The more reliable you are from the start, the greater your chances will be of earning their trust and their business.

With better lead management, you will save time, increase employee efficiency and convert a higher number of leads into customers.
About the Author
Leads360 is a company that specializes in helping all kinds of businesses improve their lead management. To learn more about the tools and training you need to improve your own lead management, visit their website at http://www.leads360.com. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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