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Auto Shipping: Options of Land, Sea and Air Tips

May 23, 2008
Auto shipping is the transportation of cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles from one location to another. This is an industry that has grown through the years. This can be done by land and by sea. It can even be done by air for the more wealthy vehicle-owner. When done by land, the smaller vehicle is placed inside a large truck and transported over the open road. Depending on the shipping company that you choose, and the distance of the transport, the time that it takes for one auto shipment varies. For some companies, it can take anywhere between five and ten days. Weather is also another time factor.

Sea transport is done via big freight ships. If you're transporting a small vehicle, then it would be easy to put your vehicle in a specialized container and transport it this way. Transporting vehicles through big freight ships may take some time though, as this mode of transport is very much affected by weather conditions. If the weather is bad, then expect a delay in your vehicle delivery. Major shipping companies do try to get your vehicle shipped in time, though, as they always make sure to be informed about the weather conditions and the best routes to take.

If money is not an issue and all you want is to have your vehicle transported in the fastest time possible, then you can opt to haver it transported via air. It will cost you almost an arm and a leg depending on how far you want your vehicle transported, but many of the rich prefer this because it is a fast and very reliable way of getting their vehicle moved from one place to another.

If you're planning to have your vehicle transported, do expect to pay a downpayment before they even pack your vehicle away for transporting. The rest of the shipping payment is done after your vehicle has reached its destination, so you have the assurance that they got your vehicle to the specified place in one piece and on time. Be careful of swindlers who will promise to ship your vehicle faster than the major autotransport companies. You just might find yourself being cheated out of your hard-earned money, losing your vehicle or having your vehicle wrecked or lost somewhere. On the other hand, major autotransport companies provide documents and insurance for the transport of your vehicle, so you'll never have to worry.
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Auto Shipping is the transportation of cars, boats, motorcycles and other vehicles from one location to another.
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