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Changing Jobs To Get A Pay Raise

May 23, 2008
Years ago, it was common for people to have a one or maybe two jobs throughout their working career. Many people in fact stayed with one company their whole life. For instance, both my father and my wife's father stayed at the same company for more than 30 years. The company they worked for was their family and they were part of the company family.

The same thing can be said with baseball. Before free agency, players were much more apt to stay with one team for their whole career. Names like Al Kaline, Brooks Robinson, and Carl Yastrzemski come to mind. Now days, players move around constantly and it is hard to keep track of who's who and who is where.

The job market is full of free agents now as well. Everyone is on their own and moving from job to job is not only common, but also encouraged. Many people switch jobs as a means to move up the pay ladder quicker than they might if they stayed with one company. In fact, it might be said that the higher echelon workers move jobs on purpose to keep themselves fresh and to show the job world they are valuable.

With the Internet came the advent of the job search sites, which are now so important to finding good jobs. No longer do you type out your resume and hand it out door-to-door or company-to-company. With the job web sites, prospective employees submit their resumes online and search through thousands of jobs themselves. The employers also go online first when they want to hire. Classified ads in the newspaper have dwindled as the technically adept work force switches to their computers to find and get jobs.

The Internet has drastically changed the way people maneuver in the job market in the 21st century. If you are looking for a job, the first place you need to go is to the many job search sites and start looking. You need to be able to put your resume into different formats and submit it to multiple job websites online. That is where the employers will find you and where you will find them. You need to make sure your resume is up to the online standards that employers today expect and you need to become comfortable with corresponding through email and instant message. The more you understand and are prepared for this new way of job searching, the better your chances will be to land that job that you truly desire.
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