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Sealed with a Case

May 23, 2008
Is the businessman in you clamoring for a bag that could exude the prestige of your title? You play the power-dressing lifestyle to perfection but you can't seem to find the perfect briefcase to match the elegant exuberance that you usually portray in the office. A powerful man needs a briefcase that displays the same aura. His briefcase should be clever, cool and sturdy. An executive briefcase is what he needs.

The executive briefcase is either a zippered or a clip covered spin-off of the traditional attache case. It can be made of leather, vinyl and metal. It has a more relaxed design as compared to attache cases. Attache cases are known for their large middle openings and compartments, while executive briefcases have a lot of zippered mini compartments found on different parts of the case. The executive briefcase has a more baggish feel than the attache case, since attache cases are built like stiff little buildings. Some executive briefcases sport the traditional small handles at the top, while some have the folio straps. There also executive briefcase models that offer both.

These do not come in just one kind. Malls offer a wide variety of them. For the on the go types, there is the metal executive briefcase. Laptop briefcases are also available for the perfect programmer. For the high-class executive there is the leather executive briefcase, for those who simply want to look good. Rolling executive briefcases are for those hardy men who travel with lock stock and barrel. No matter who you are, where you're from or what you do, there's an executive briefcase just for you.

Perhaps the greatest task with regards to the briefcase is that it could come in so many combinations, you could spend all day looking for the perfect one for you.
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