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Three Entrepreneurs Secrets to Internet Marketing Success

May 23, 2008
Internet Businesses are now highly regarded as the new way to create real wealth. Many industry experts claim that quality information on the Internet in 2008 will be a 64 Billion dollar industry. I am sure you would like a slice of that pie. The Internet has emerged as the biggest wealth creation tool on the planet which leads me to suggest that you need to have a presence on the Internet so you can truly make yourself a passive income online. That means selling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a global market place. I am writing this article providing you with a handful of success tips from some leading experts around the world.

Success tip from Adam Davis.

At the age of 20, Adam has grown his consultancy into one of the most recognised traffic generation consulting services in the world, with over 500 clients in four countries. He has spoken in front of crowds of over 1,500 people in Singapore, Australia, the UK, Indonesia and Malaysia on how to effectively send traffic to any website and make a profit.

What is the most important thing you have learnt about succeeding on the internet?

As funny as it may sound, the internet itself has very little to do with whether or not you become a successful internet entrepreneur! Instead, it is about who you are and the mind-set with which you approach the concept of the internet. In order to succeed you need to stay focused and committed to both the immediate task and the long-term vision.

But perhaps the most important thing I have learnt is that the internet is nothing more than a medium; one that can distract a potential entrepreneur to the point of destroying their business. Let me explain:

The very nature of an internet-based business means that you will often spend long periods of time in front of a computer screen (unless you have employees to do this for you). There's little interaction with people and it can become distracting if you do not have good motivation and concentration.

It is not uncommon to have wandering thoughts about random topics far removed from your business. Your unfocused mind tempts you to Google irrelevant topics and then you start following links. Before you know it, you've wasted many hours that could have been spent furthering your online business and increasing your profits. You then fail to approach your tasks with as much enthusiasm and vigour as you previously did, thus starting a downward spiral that can spell the end of a potentially successful internet entrepreneur.

My work has allowed me to witness people succeed and fail with their internet businesses. Based on my experience, I have learnt that the most important ingredients for success are:

* determination

* motivation

* focus

* clarity.

To succeed as an Internet entrepreneur you need to be completely committed to your business and determined to succeed regardless of the obstacles that befall you.

Success tip from Andrew and Daryl Grant.

In 2000, Andrew and Daryl had their first child and decided to reduce their time commitment to their consulting business. They set a goal to replace their income with passive sources by 2005. After trying numerous strategies, the couple achieved their goal when they built an Internet business.

What are the six steps you follow when developing a new product to sell over the Internet?

Our process is a little counterintuitive; we don't start by asking ourselves what we know about or what can we write a book about. Instead, we start by looking at where the market is.

1. Identify potential niches - when writing a new e-book we generally start by identifying 20 potential topics that will be of interest to a large group of people and who are currently looking for that information.

2. Test the topic for profitability - we have a fairly accurate system that determines how much money a particular topic will generate. From the original 20 topics we identify, we usually find that one will be really profitable. By profitable, we mean that initially it will make us about $US100 a day. We know that if we can find a topic where the numbers stack up to that level, then we can generally grow it from there and generate more money.

3. Develop the product - once we have identified a profitable topic, we start looking at ways to develop it into a downloadable product. As we are driven by the market, and not by what we know, we tend to get other people to create the product and we use sites like www.RentACoder.com to source experts who can write the product for us.

4. Create the marketing material - while the product is being written, we turn our attention to the marketing. This includes the sales letter that goes on the website and encourages people to buy the product.

5. Build the website - as our technological skills are limited we have someone else build the website for us. This is especially important because there are specific elements of a website that make it successful.

6. Monitor and finetune the site - after a few weeks or a month of monitoring and finetuning, we usually find that the websites are running optimally and bringing in a decent income.

Success tip from Amanda Clarkson.

Discovering the power of eBay in early 2006, Amanda dove in headfirst, immersing herself in the subject of eBay and soon mastering the powerful online retail platform, becoming a Platinum Power Seller within nine months of starting. This became the basis for her second business, You Won The Bid Ltd recently changed to Bidding Buzz, which currently delivers eBay courses all over the world.

With millions of products on eBay at any one time, what are your top tips for making your products stand out from the crowd?

1. Make sure you use the right keywords in your 'listing/description title' so that buyers or bidders can easily find you.

2. Make sure your product is listed in the right category. You won't believe the amount of sellers who get this wrong.

3. Make sure you point out all of the benefits of your product and not just the features.

4. Remember, you're in the business of story-telling when you sell on eBay. If you can wrap a good story around your product and yourself, you're far more likely to get more bids. People relate to stories.

5. Become an expert in your category. People love to buy from sellers who really know and understand the products they're selling. If you do this right, you'll stand head and shoulders above your competition.

6. Understand that buyers are looking for an experience when they shop on eBay. Don't copy what 95 per cent of sellers are doing. They're not necessarily right!

7. Remember: the sale only begins when you've made the sale. It's the after sale service that will make or break your business.

Hopefully, this snapshot into what the best in the world are doing will provide you with some inspiration to set yourself up online creating wealth on the Internet from Internet Marketing Success strategies.
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