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Why MLM Isn't Working For Most People

May 23, 2008
As a professional network marketer, you naturally want to be successful in building your home business. If you find yourself struggling in spite of being in a company that has all the supports in place for you to be successful, then guess what? You are most definitely not alone! There are unfortunately some very basic flaws to the foundations and it is time to realise that so you can make some very important changes to the way you approach MLM.

We've all heard it before. Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising there is, right? Right. All network marketers know the spiel. What do you do when you see an incredible movie at the theatre? You tell your friends how great it was, the actors were fantastic, blah,blah, blah, all that good stuff, and that they absolutely have to go see it. Same with eating out at a great restaurant. People will be very likely to go spend money on these things after hearing a glowing report from you, their trusted friend. Here however is where the whole thing can come apart.

Your personal recommendation for all that stuff is so powerful because you have nothing to gain by "selling" them to your friends. As soon as you throw a financial interest into the mix, everything changes. On both sides. For starters, it isn't rocket science that you don't feel as comfortable and natural as you did with something you don't make money from. Now you're forcing it and as a result, it just doesn't flow the same.

It's also different for them because they know you're making money from the deal. It is not unusual for friends and family to want to keep their distance after a while, and frankly, can you blame them?

Then there is the idea that everyone is a potential prospect. Because of this belief that it is OK, indeed essential that you prospect anyone and everyone, any image of professionalism goes out the window and so does MLM's reputation, making it more difficult for everyone to sponsor people.

There are numerous other fundamental problems with the way most MLM companies teach their people how to sponsor and market their businesses and the challenge therefore for the would-be MLM entrepreneur is to think out of the square, because the really highly successful MLM'ers do just that, and well and truly reap the rewards!
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