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A Review Of Various Reciprocal Linking Options

May 23, 2008
Nowadays, reciprocal linking seems to be one of the most contentious topics when it comes to linking business. There are two types of people - one who strongly opt for reciprocal links and another expressing their disapproval regarding reciprocal linking services because they are of the belief that this might instigate penalties from search engines.

There are some reasons of this hatred - if you view it from the perspective of the search engines, reciprocal links are unable to increase the value of a website. It does not mean that the websites having information bank style reciprocal links are penalized by the search engines. The perception of exchanging links has been badly treated in a mass. It can be found often that reciprocal links are present in totally incongruent websites.

However, it can be found that website owners take way out to exchanging links. The link joins in this order, A to B, B to C, C to D, and at last D again links up with A. Still, it is not that much easy to do. In case of a webmaster, he/she will always try to swap over links in the first place.

The only reason stands behind this factor is the traffic. Traffic obtained from viewers who come about to click on that scrupulous link, and traffic from search engines who have a propensity to show first sites with great attractiveness.

Now there comes a question, why people are so unenthusiastic in using the procedure. It is a common view to see the webmasters bargain contracts to have a maximum of hundred links at a time.

Something seems to be fishy in this case - as in case of one hundred incoming links, there should be the same number of outgoing links. Main problem is that the search engines are always in search of penalizing the excess usage of this kind of procedure. You need to remember that exchanging links is not openly penalized but it is penalized when it becomes unethical.

The vital principle of search engines is that the links should be natural. It is quite possible for anyone to ask about the meaning of natural principle. The answer is simple - if two websites are having almost same topic, and they exchange links with each other, then it happens to be natural.

Natural in that sense as those links help to add worth to both the websites. Similarly, when two websites link with each other, and there is no relation between the sites at that time it becomes two fake links. For a short time it will manage some hype in the search engine rank position but, in long run it becomes a reason for penalty.

Therefore, from the above discussion, you are able to get some idea on the two main rules of reciprocal linking. You always have the opportunity to use them, but you need to be careful about avoiding too much usage. While exchanging reciprocal links, always remember that the contents of other sites must have similarity with your website. Before opting for a partner to exchange links, just shop around a little bit.
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