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Graduating High School Or College

May 23, 2008
If your graduating from school soon, then you probably realize that life is right there in front of you. Where to go with your life, and how to get there.
What you probably dont want to do, is work 35 years just so you can retire in a trailer park. Dont listen to others who are just as broke as you.

In the past it was very normal to graduate and then get a good job, buy a house and have 2 1/2 kids. But the sad reality is that the average wage is the same today as it was 15 years ago. Yet the cost of housing has gone up 300- 500 % and the cost of living went up about 300 %. What about gasoline, 300%. Think about it... unless you are making over 100K per year, your not going to make it. Forget the middle class, it does not exist anymore, so now should you do. Well, you need to be smart.

Being smart is very easy, and it involves only taking financial advise from people who make over $100,000 a year. So stop listening to those who are just as broke as you are, because they obviously dont know what they are doing, or are scared to move forward and earn a large income. The fear of change is what holds most people back. It held me back until I realized working my JOB was getting me nowhere, and I was earning over 70,000 a year prior to making my way online. I have never made so much money in my life and I am getting to do it from my home during the hours I want.

I could never work another job, ever. Now that I know how the internet works and how easy it is to make more than a full time income from home. If you want more out of life and want to know why others are really broke and the rich are on top, then work from home. If you want check into the heartbreak hotel, then get a job, and in 5 years look where you are. I bet you will be wishing you started making money online earlier, I wish I did, because I would be retired by now.

So with that being said, take a serious look at all options in life after you graduate, because working aJOB not only sucks, but it wont get you anywhere. And next time someone says, " everybodys gotta work" Please look them in the eye and say " No, I found a better way."
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