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How To Choose The Lead Generation Tools That Are Most Likely To Give You The Best Return

May 23, 2008
Listen up because this is very, very important.

What we have found over the years is that very few people give any great thought to the types of lead generation tools they should be using. They adopt the same marketing tools as all their competitors are using.

This can only mean two things:

1) In most cases you are not using the best lead generation tools to attract YOUR target market or niche.
2) Your lead generation campaigns are wasteful even if they are still profitable.

So how do you choose the right lead generation tools for your business?

The good news is that this is very EASY and you should have already done the 'work'.

The question to ask is:

- How do your niche market fit the type of product or service that you are offering

- Also ask yourself how your niche marked could be reached when they were at home, or work, at meetings in their clubs or associations and when they are in their community.

- Finally ask yourself about the publications that they read.

Can you see how you already have all the information that you need? For example, if you are a plumber your niche is likely to source a plumber using the Yellow Pages or local paper. They are much less likely to use the internet or response to direct mail.

Why? Well they are using the yellow pages because they want to find someone locally, which is the same reason why they probably would not use the internet.

Direct mail is also not so good because people often need a plumber when something goes wrong, and it is not something that they will decide to use because of a targeted mail shot.

Now you'll need to create irresistible offers for your product. You are going to use these irresistible offers as part of your lead generation strategy. This is because your irresistible offer is the one thing that is going to attract your potential clients or customers to you in vast numbers. There are 3 fabulous irresistible offers you can use Free Trials of your product or service, Free special reports, Free additional products or services... Just make sure you have done your homework and you have chosen your irresistible offer.

Now let us see if we can multiply your response once you have chosen your lead generation tools and your irresistible offer! This is a brilliant strategy that will make everything you do at least 10 times more effective. What we are about to reveal to you is something we rarely discuss with people.

It is what we call Laser Beam Focus. Here is what we mean: To get the best possible results with all your advertising and marketing you must be laser focused on what each element in your sales process has to achieve for you. Unfortunately many people get confused and try to achieve more than one main objective with each of their marketing elements.

For example, let us say you send a two-page sales letter to your prospects. The main objective is to generate qualified leads. You are using a Special Report as the Irresistible Offer. That is easy enough to understand. But here is where most people go wrong emember the main objective is to get qualified leads using the Special Report. That means you need to completely focus on the Special Report and explain why your prospects should respond.

That is all that matters. What most people do is lose this Laser Beam Focus and try to achieve several things at once. They try to get an appointment, get the prospect to phone, and the Special Report is almost incidental. By using this scatter-gun approach you significantly reduce response. Fewer responses mean fewer sales.

In effect what I am saying is that the tools and strategies you use (not just in lead generation) must concentrate heavily on achieving the required outcome. Don't confuse the issue. Confusion in the mind of your prospect spells NO ACTION. Do you understand why this is so important? Whatever lead generation tools you choose you must be completely focused on your irresistible offer.

You want people to receive the offer so you must focus everything on achieving this objective. Do this and you will multiply the success of everything you do. Now you have these 3 simple lead generation strategies combined together, you are ready to select your lead generation tools and apply them successfully to your niche or target market.
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Jeffrey Benson is the owner of Power Marketing System , an audio and web based marketing program designed to help small to medium enterprises increase their profits and outsell their competition. Explode your business today. Get the FREE audio now. Visit: http://www.powermarketingsystem.co.uk
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