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The Relevance Of Page Rank In Search Engine Optimisation

May 23, 2008
Those who use Google search engine on a regular basis will have installed a toolbar and will see a small section pertaining to Page Rank. This Page Rank will differ between sites and even between pages on one website. This is because Google sees each page as an individual and will use the information on that page, along with the inbound links to determine its ranking.

The Page Rank scale slides between values of zero and ten. A zero rank means that your site is either too new to be allocated a position or does not have enough inbound links directed towards it. Links to appropriate websites are very useful in improving your page ranking but only if they come from credible sources. A few links from good sites will be much more useful than a hundred links from less credible sources.

A Page Rank of ten indicates good links and can mean your site is listed in one of the first twelve search results. However, it does not mean you will be first. If you search a particular term and view the results, taking note of the Page Ranks, the highest rank will not necessarily be listed first and this is because many factors are taken into consideration when Google places your site in its position.

A company specialising in search engine optimisation will understand that while a good selection of links are important, they are not the be all and end all. In fact, they are one issue in amongst over a hundred variables that Goggle are constantly changing that will decide on your placement in search results.

Most website owners want a high page rank but this is not as important as being on page one for results as only a small number of sites from page two onwards will actually be accessed. As we have already established, a high page rank does not automatically place you on page one.

To get your site into a Google friendly state it is important to address all the search engine optimisation tactics. It is a combination of many things that will see your website race up the results listings. Experts will tell you that the most important quality to address is that of having the best possible content on each page of your site that is easily readable and informative.

Some site owners think that people work on visual images and that to have a website made up mostly of images and bright colours pampers to peoples need for simplicity. That may be so but what is the point if that site never gets a decent placement on a search engine? Search engine optimisation specialists will always stress the need for relevant, good quality content as well as appropriate links in a continual bid to earn popularity with Google.

A search engine optimisation company worth its fees will have their own directory of good quality sites to link to. They will also be able to help with top quality content and will explain the importance of having good meta data - one of the first things to be read by a search engine spider. Article submission is also an excellent way to build inbound links to a site, particularly if the search engine optimisation company has built up a trust with an article submission site.

These articles provide constantly updated new information and therefore search engine spiders will visit them regularly, creating more links to your site.
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SEO expert Catherine Harvey looks at how search engine optimisation companies use page ranks as a guide.
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