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Why Networking Is Good For Your Business

May 23, 2008
You see, networking opens doors for you. It takes you to those who are looking for new business, and helps bring their new business to you. Through networking, you can uncover a whole host of new business opportunities, raise your personal profile within your current professional circle, and maybe even join a new one. Business can be lonely if you do not move in the right circles! By going out there and finding these professional groups, your self-confidence & self-esteem will get a possibly well-needed boost.

However, even if you do not gain any new clients from your next prospective business circle, you might pick up a few friends along the way. Networking events are great places to source new suppliers, or maybe recruit your next employee, non-executive director, team member, or business partner. Just think, you could locate a joint venture partner, or build a new strategic alliance just by taking a step outside. There may even be funding, resources, expertise and advice out there, just waiting for you to introduce yourself.

Think about your profit margins. How close to the line are you? Even the entrepreneurs who have made their fortune, and the self-made men and women of the world who are now standing proud at the top of their industries will have gone out to find help or to find a prospect. In short, they went out to network. You too could have the business, and financial gain that you desire IF you get out there and meet those who are looking for the same thing. And realistically, you never know what you might achieve unless you try.

Networking can not only gain you new business, but can also deepen the relationships that you have with your existing clients. If you are touching base with them on a regular basis, who knows where your relationship may spiral to! Just remember; the more you put in, the more you are going to get out. Why not invite some of your clients along to the next event you go to?

Passing on this knowledge and resource to them could mean more business, not only for your clients, but for you too!

There is a direct correlation between your networking activity and your success if you do it right! So let us attack your lack of motivation with some education on the many benefits of networking.

There are hundreds, but here is a summary of my top 20:

1. Improve your self confidence and self esteem
2. Source great suppliers or advisers
3. Make your mark in a new role or territory
4. Enjoy the challenge, the adrenalin kick and thrill of winning new business
5. Learn new ideas, industry tips and insider trends and information
6. Scout the competition; see who your rivals are and what they are doing
7. Maintain and go deeper with your existing contacts, clients and colleagues
8. Develop referral networks by educating your contacts in exactly what you are looking for
9. Meet new friends or gain a support system - business can be lonely
10. Develop leadership skills
11. Locate new joint venture partners or strategic alliances
12. Uncover new business opportunities
13. Make more profits and more money
14. Meet or exceed targets for bonuses, commissions or equity
15. Keep your boss off your back
16. Safeguard your job and make you unfireable in tough economic times
17. Recruit your next employee, non-executive director, team member or specialist professional
18. Raise your personal profile
19. Source mentors and gurus who can cut your learning curve to where you want to go
20. Have fun, it is good getting out of the office to meet new and interesting people!

So what is stopping you from getting out there when all of these wonderful goodies are available to you? Get yourself booked onto something soon, and remember that everyone you know with a great network, lots of contacts and an abundance of networking skills did not get like that overnight. If you want to reap in the summer, you sow in the spring.

Becoming Motivated to Network

1. See the benefits and empower yourself to do it - nobody else can force you to get out there - you have got to do it yourself!
2. Make the benefits your own. Choose two or three that you really want to work for you and build a strategy around these that gets you to the right events, meeting the right people and having the right experiences.
3. Set simple networking goals (get three business cards, meet two strangers) to get yourself in the saddle
4. Be patient. You do not have to be successful at this TODAY. Just a small step closer than yesterday
5. Get a networking buddy. Going with someone can make it easier, providing you do not spend the whole time with them. It is good to compare notes afterwards. Why not invite a friend, colleague or client to your next event?

Happy networking!
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