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How To Build A Successful Affiliate Program

Aug 17, 2007
Affiliate marketing is big business. The "super affiliates" earn $10,000's every single month. That is why you might consider to create your own affiliate program. Listed here are a few guidelines that will make it easy for you to get started.

Use contests to make your affiliates work harder for you. For instance, you could give 100% commissions to the top five sellers or something similar to that. While it may sound like you are losing money, you are not. Even if you earn nothing from these sellers, you will gain more exposure and repeat sales.

Even if your product falls outside of the Internet marketing niche, consider partnering with Internet marketers to sell it, as they have the expertise to market any product successfully. You may want to find partners on IM forums by posting on joint venture sections or by sending private messages to people who might be prospective partners.

Create an autoresponder series for your affiliates. Sales pages are notoriously bad converters without additional help. However, if you give your affiliates a 5-day autoresponder series with good material that will act as a reasonable upseller, you will increase how productive their efforts are, rewarding both them and you.

Always announce your product weeks or even months before you even consider launching it. Spend the time to develop hype and make good partnerships before you put the finishing touches on your product and launch it to the public. This will induce prospective affiliates to contact you ahead of time for some sort of special partnership.

"Dig your wells before you get thirsty". This is an important principle to apply to all forms of marketing, but especially those that involve relationships, such as affiliate marketing. You should always make friends who could potentially be your affiliates before you even consider launching a product or service.

Providing useful marketing materials is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing. If your affiliates do not have good pre-made advertisements including solo ads, classified ads, and pay per click advertisements, they may not be able to effectively market your product, especially if they haven't purchased it.

Just because a person does not own an established business does not mean they cannot be a powerful affiliate. Of course, if you want them to be effective, you will have to work harder to make sure they know how to promote a product and make sales. For people like this, you may want to offer some type of training course.

If you are planning to coordinate a massive launch with affiliates, always plan to purchase professional graphic headers and ecovers, too. If your sales page does not look professional, you will immediately lose a lot of potential affiliates. Like you, they want to earn a decent return from their efforts and they also want to associate with good products, not amateur ones.
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