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How to Create Your Own Information Product

Aug 17, 2007
Here are three fantastic ways you can have your own quality information product WITHOUT having to write and in some cases, not even a single word!

The first two ways cost money. The last way can be done free.

[1] Hire a ghostwriter.

Quite simply, you hire a ghostwriter to create the information product on a subject or topic of your choice (or more accurately, on demand!) but the product would appear under your name. Normally, ghostwriters don't take any credit at all and hence the term "ghostwriting".

Hiring a ghostwriter to write for you can be costly. However, if you have the money to compensate your inability to write a good report, this is for you.

You can go to elance.com and search for a writer who can help with creating your own information product.

[2] Buy Private Label Rights to a collection of articles or product.

Quite simply, you buy raw contents (which can come in the form of articles or .doc files which you can edit in Word program) from the original authors or authorized resellers. You can then edit them anyway you like and most importantly, put your name on them and claim authorship!

Private Label Rights seem to be the "in-thing" in Internet Marketing now, though Private Label Rights, in nature, has been on Earth for a very long time, which I suspect dates way back to very long time ago.

This method costs money, too, but it does not cost near as much as hiring your own ghostwriter to get the task done in most cases.

The drawback however, is that if the Private Label Rights to the products or articles are being sold in large numbers, it can dilute the value and quality of the same products or articles as there would literally be many purchasers using the same content at the same time.

If you have limited writing skills, you can still make substantial changes to the raw contents. You will do well to also choose Private Label Right to articles or products on sale with limited copies on sale.

[3] Get someone else to write for you through an interview!

The above two methods cost money on your part. Now, here is the third and free method. You get someone else to create the product for you.

Sounds hard? No, it sounds impossible! Not only are you going to get other people to write for you, you are also not going to pay them! How? Easy. Conduct an interview. It's free, and it puts your interviewees in the limelight. More often than not, people are glad to be interviewed, even if it's free.

If you are planning to create an information product on copywriting, you can approach practicing copywriters for an interview. You can remind them that it won't take much of their time and you may name some benefits from working with you on this project.

If you know of any experts offline, you can arrange for a verbal interview in person or by phone and sell your information product in BOTH text and audio format!

In return, you can thank your interview candidates for participating by giving them some free valuable gifts. Maybe you can get your interview candidates to strike up a Joint Venture with you in selling the complete information product created by everyone with you being the compiler and facilitator. Perhaps you can convey special Resell Rights to the information product just for your candidates if they are marketers.

At least and above all, you'd better be successful with marketing your product!

With three powerful methods to choose from, creating your own information product without having to write on your part is now possible.
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Kurt Naulaerts and Jack Moszczynski want to show you how to promote your online business hands free.
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