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Internet Marketing Is About Trust And Building Relationships

Aug 17, 2007
Have you heard of the quote "No Money, No Talk"? Sure, you do!

In business, the quote is even truer if the words were switched around. No talk, no money.

The home based business scene is changing rapidly. Five years ago it was still fairly easy to make money. There were a lot less marketers. And the people that came on board of the world wide web were not as suspicious as they are today. Thousands and thousands have joined since then. And a lot of them lost their money instead of creating an income online.

Internet Marketers have noticed this. It is good to see that buyer and seller communicate with each other. Customer service is a big issue again. Internet Marketing is about trust and building relationships.

If you do not build relationships with people and follow up on them, you will spend most of your time repeating trivial tasks which can be non-productive or plodding away on a course that will never result in sales conversions.

While you do not necessarily have to "talk" on the Internet in a strict sense, you need to interact with people through e-mails, autoresponders, blogs, and more in order to keep your business alive.

Personal interaction is what differentiates Internet Businesses between those that are expensive and those that are profitable.

Don't get me wrong here. I am not talking about bombarding your prospects and customers with sales messages every other day. Don't try to sell, but try to teach, try to educate, bring content and valuable information. Don't go for the short term but for a long term, steady relationship.

Assuming that the Internet is an isolated, anti-social medium, where people do not need connections to succeed is probably the most naive perception.

This is a critically flawed thinking. Without personal connections, you will not succeed online. I mean, how else could you?!

If you do not believe me, try not talking to anyone (even offline) for 6 weeks.

While automation tools help save a lot of time and effort on the part of the Internet Business owner, people today appreciate personal written e-mails more than ever.

If you are wondering why your business is not making money online now, this may very well be the main reason.

So, what is my suggestion? Start changing your marketing strategy!

You can always start by participating in discussion boards and approaching potential prospects via search engine.

The Internet makes it possible for everyone of us to interact in spite of our distances. Why not use it to the fullest?
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