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Freelance Data Entry Jobs: 5 Tips You Must Know To Work At Home

May 23, 2008
So maybe you've pondered the idea of working a data entry job online. And now you would like to know the what, where, why, and how of getting started earning extra money from home.

Data entry jobs are available everywhere. Online companies are always willing to hire people who can provide good content to put on their websites. But in order to uncover these genuine work from home data entry jobs you must be aware of the following 5 tips.

Avoid Data Entry Job Scams - First and foremost you must know the difference between a legitimate data entry job and a scam.

Data entry job scams are the one of the most spread scams online, due to so many people, like yourself, looking for work from home.

The deceptive messages of so called "Data Entry Programs" try to hook you with the idea that you can earn up to $3,000 per week filling in short forms online. The foundation of these data entry programs are based on a process of making money called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the combination of promoting affiliate products or services with google adwords or some other type of PPC (pay per click) network.

Affiliate marketing itself is not a scam. Actually, it is an excellent strategy for making money online. The scam is when the deceitful companies label their affiliate marketing product as a "Data Entry Program". It is wrong to make people believe that they are buying one thing and to give them something that is totally the opposite.

Affiliate marketing requires knowledge of google adwords, writing effective ad copy, and campaign testing. Not to mention the money that you will need in order to start running the ads to promote the affiliate product you are trying to sell.

However, the good thing about affiliate marketing is that once you've gotten found the knack to do it, you can earn an amazing income from home. There is no limit to the amount of money that you can make with affiliate marketing. If affiliate marketing sounds like something you can be interested in then I recommend getting Ewen Chias Secret Affiliate Weapon for complete information. Be Prepared To Create - The days of inputting pages upon pages of data into a computer are over. Today we have computer software that makes processing and transferring data automatic.

Companies no longer need people who can type 80 wpm to sit behind a desk just to simply enter data. Data entry jobs today, and especially online, refer to writing content for websites and blogs.

You don't have to be a writing genuis, but you do have to know a little about the subject you're writing about. Either through your own experience or by performing a little research using the millions of websites online.

Online data entry is a continually growing industry. The Internet craves and lives off of quality information. Without it, the Internet would just dry up and die. That's why webmasters scavenge to find high quality content to use on their websites or blogs. And you could profit substantially by filling the need and writing relevant, high quality content for them. Pick A Data Entry Niche - There is no defined "Data Entry Job" online. And it's your choice on how you decide to profit from this industry. However, there are a few common ways that you may use to start working from home in the data entry field.

A) Blogging - One of the most popular vehicles for creating online income from home is blogging. And because I am writing about data entry "jobs", I suggest that you guest blog for someone elses blog, rather than start your own. Why? Because it can take 6months to a year or two to start making money from a blog. By guest blogging you can get paid immediately for each blog that you write and post.

Not only that, but you will most likely be associated with an established blog. So if you decide to start your own blog in the future, you will have learned various tips and techniques on how to do run a blog site more effectively. On top of that, you may have a small following of subscribers who will follow and support your new blog.

B) Freelance Writing - A freelance writer, is a person that simply contracts writing services for companies. You can easily become a Freelance Writer from home by joining up with associations like http://www.constant-content.com/. This is an organization that allows you to post your written articles so that webmasters can pay you for them. As your writing improves you can demand more money for your work. It's an amazing and simple way to start a career in freelance writing.

You can also go to GoFreelance. At GoFreelance you will be connected with employers that are searching for freelancers. And you will be given mounds of helpful information on how to succeed as a online freelance writer. This is a great way to kick off you work at home career.

C) Message Board Posting - Many websites use posting in message boards as a way of generating traffic to their website. You can assist a webmaster by being an online data entry message board poster. All that you have to do is simply visit message boards and forums that relate to the subject of the webmasters website or blog. Then you would just post messages that have great content and link back to the webmasters website.

Posting in enough message boards will help build the link popularity and the traffic of your or a webmasters website. If you were to offer this service to a good many website owners, you will start to see an amazing flow of profits in no time.

D) Blog Comments - This is similar to message board commenting. Writing short comments on blog posts will help build link popularity and get more traffic to a website.

E) Article Writing & Submission - Writing and submitting articles is a tedious, but needed task for most website owners. There is no doubt that becoming a Freelance Article Writer & Submitter would bring you huge profits.

You could take on the task of writing relevant, keyword rich content and then submitting you articles to the many article directories. Article directories store your articles so that webmasters who may be looking for information to put on their website can use it. The benefit is that whenever another website uses your article, you or the webmaster you wrote it for will get a link back to their site. Again, this increase link popularity and website traffic. Also giving it a higher ranking with the search engines. Promote Your Services - Once you've figured out exactly what service you want to offer as a data entry freelancer then you must let people know that you offer these services. The best way to promote yourself is to use the very services that you are offering.

Write and article about the services you offer and submit it to article directories. Post your services on message boards or start a small blog about your services and why someone should use them.

But don't forget the most obvious way, which is go to http://GoFreelance.com and let them connect you with webmasters who are looking for services such as yours.

Get Started Now - Probably the most important step. Don't hesitate, get going right now. Remember that you will "Grow as you go". You will learn how to become a Professional Data Entry Freelancer by starting from the beginning.

I suggest reading and researching the field of freelance writing as you begin your career. This will ensure that you are offering your employers or clients what they are looking for and more.
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