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How To Get The Most Out Of Business Networking

May 23, 2008
Networking is such an important skill in business that we can easily justify dedicating this whole bonus section to it. If you get it right, it is likely it will be your richest source of business. We are going to show you HOW to get it right.

So what exactly is networking?

Networking is all about person-to-person relationship building. It is far more than going to a networking event and working a room or handing out and collecting as many business cards as you can. Far more. In facts it is all of the following things:

1) It is word of mouth marketing and this is still the most powerful way to generate business for most business owners and professionals

2) As we have just mentioned, it is building relationships. Although you are building your business for yourself, you cannot do it alone. You are going to need people every step of the way e.g. suppliers, staff, customers, partners and so on. Building a relationship is simply getting people to know you, then like you then trust you. Once you have gone through this process, then they will think about helping you, connecting you to others and buying from you.

3) Thirdly, it is about making yourself visible to key audiences and target markets. Raising your profile is vital if you want the right people to come to you, whether they be potential customers, partners or just people who can connect you to the right people.

4) Next, it is about uncovering new opportunities and kick-starting new relationships. Whether your initial contact with someone was via the phone, internet or face-to-face, having a strategy to follow up those contacts is really important if you want to take advantage of the treasure of information and contacts many people have.

5) Fifth, is connecting people, knowledge, ideas and resources. Masterminding is a concept where one mind and one mind equals three. Everything that you want to do in life, someone has probably done it already. Unless you want to re-invent the wheel and make your own mistakes, then take advantage of others to fast track you on the way to your goal.

6) Next is learning by learning how to ask the right questions and listening. I mean really listening. Very few people have well developed listening skills as we are all interested in ourselves and what we have to say. Networking is the ultimate forum to learn from people and if you know how genuinely take an interest in others, ask the right questions and really listen, the things you are looking for will be forthcoming.

7) Finally, networking is about educating others about what you do and learning about what others do. Being great at what you do is not enough; people need to know who you are, why you are good, why you are different and why they should choose to do business with you and not someone else. You have also got to find out these things about others, so you too can choose to do business with the right people.

Networking is about making connections, and allowing things to happen whether it be in a business, personal, social or even technical context. To quote one of the UKs leading networking experts, Rob Brown..

"Business is personal and even the biggest deals, orders, projects, sales, promotions and contacts come down to two or more people making a connection".

We will say it again - if you get it right, networking might well be your richest source of business.
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