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3 Common Mistakes To Avoid Before Starting An Online Business

May 23, 2008
Starting an online business can be an exciting adventure. It can create wealth, financial security, and give you loads of time to spend with your family. I mean, who wouldn't want to earn an extra $500-$2,000 a month with their own online business?

But before you jump into a business online, you must avoid these 3 common mistakes that most people fall victim to.

Unrealistic Expectations - With so many websites claiming that you can make thousands of dollars overnight, it is very easy to get sucked into the hype. It's not that you can't make thousands with the programs that these websites are promoting. It's that most people on average do not make it as quickly as they claim. I'm sure that a few have made thousands in just days, but realistically that is not the norm. No matter what you hear anyone say, "Making money online takes work!".

This business is just like any other. You must put in the time, money, and effort to make it profitable. There are some online businesses that require less work than others, but all take work. If it were possible to just throw a website up and make millions then everyone would do it.

The speed at which you'll start making money from your online business depends on how much time & money you have to invest. If you have no money, then you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and put in some work. It may take a little longer than if you did have some money to start with, but you will get to your destination eventually.

No Goals - Having short-term and long-term goals for your online business is critical. Your goals mark your path and help you stay on track. But sadly, 97% of the people who start an online business are so pumped on the hype of making millions tomorrow that they don't have time to set realistic goals. While the other 3% of people, who did set goals, are making a killing.

Goals will keep you moving forward, even when times get rough and times do sometimes get rough. It is good to establish a 3, 6, and 12 month goal right from the beginning. This way you will know where you are in relation to where you want to be.

Without goals you are like a little fisherman's boat floating in a HUGE ocean. When the waters start roaring you are destined to sink.

Not Seeking Support - You are not alone. There are millions of other people, just like you, trying to make money online. And the saying "Two heads are better than one" is very true.

All successful professionals have a support network. Whether it is a coach, colleague, partner, or friend they have someone who can help them generate ideas. I have a close network of online entrepreneur that I rely on to keep me informed on new techniques.

If you don't have support you will lose your edge and eventually become obsolete. You don't need to hire an online coach, but you should seek out free online support groups that can assist you when you have a question or need advice. There are free support groups all over the net that you can easily tap into.

Having support will help you to keep focus and realize that others are trying to make it too.

If you can avoid these 3 mistakes then you will be well on your way to making money with your online business. Always remember that whatever trials may come, persistence is the key to success!
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