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A must read automotive sales training article on building rapport

May 24, 2008
Why won't car salespeople build rapport?

Often times, you'll notice that the moment a car salesperson meets a customer they are trying to close the sale. Not only that but they are trying to close the sale on price. So think for a moment how much money you're leaving behind if you are trying to close the sale on price.

Getting the customer to like you is key to grossing high per deal and closing the sale. You must get the customer to like you if you want to make real money in the car business. So why not slow down and build rapport and get to know the customer? What this will allow you to do is gain control of the sales process. Building rapport will slow things down and allow you to smoothly follow the basic step to a sale.

The customer is completely aware that they walked into your dealership to buy a car. And they are also aware that you are there to sell them one. Since all of this is common sense try making the customer feel as if they are here to own a vehicle rather than you are there to sell them one. There is a difference. Because customers in general don't like being sold to.

Most of time when a customer walks in they are scared of being taken advantage of. Now if you want to earn professional wages in the car business, it is your job to get that tension out of the customer and ease the situation. You can do this by asking a bunch of open-ended question such as:

What do you do for fun?

What type of work do you do?

It really doesn't matter what open-ended questions you ask them. The idea is to get off topic of selling them something and make them feel comfortable with you as quickly as possible. When you build rapport, you want to try to qualify at the same time. The reason you need to qualify is so you can have a road map for what to present to the customer. This way when it comes to show the car, you won't wonder the lot going from vehicle to vehicle. If you want to increase your chances of closing the sale, then learn to build rapport and qualify at the same time.

How long should the car salesperson build rapport?

There really is no set time. The correct answer would be as long as it takes. You can go through the basic steps and still keep building rapport, as long as you have control over the conversation you should be okay.

Selling cars will become very easy for you if you can make your customers have fun. And the way to make them have fun is to find common grounds with them. And that means to build rapport. Be humorous and entertaining and it'll be a breeze. There are so many more skills I teach that you need to learn to earn professional wages in the car business. But building rapport is a must skill for you automotive sales career.
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