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Transform Your Restaurant From Afternoon To Night

May 24, 2008
Many restaurants that offer both lunch and dinner want to create a nicer atmosphere for the dinner crowd. It is common to offer a wider menu selection as well as to charge more for meals in the evening time. You want your guests to feel that coming in for dinner is worth it. That means you need to make some changes that are effective yet affordable. You also want them to be something that can be done quickly.

You may be thinking that this is a concept you agree with, but you don't need any more overhead expenses to deal with. The good news is that most of these details you can implement don't require much of an investment at all. The price is minimal as it the time involved in the transformation process.

What type of accessories do you offer on the table right now? You may not have anything at all or you may have fake flowers in a tiny vase. That may be fine for the lunch crowd but you want to offer something nicer for your dinner guests. Beautiful candles on the table will create a nice look. You may want them to be for display only but you can choose to light them as well.

Come up with a creative way to accent the table by placing pretty flowers, candles, or other decorations on them. You want there to be something more personal and appealing for dinner than lunch. Swapping them out when they table clothes are put out for dinner time is very simple though. It will definitely create a unique look that goes over well with your guests.

The music in your restaurant is important to evaluate as well. Most places offer some type of background music for their guests. It is often subtle enough though that it doesn't interfere with their socializing. You may want to think about different music to offer for dinner than at lunch time. This is a very simple yet effective way to transform the overall atmosphere.

Casual seating is common for the lunch crowd but you want it to be more guided for dinner. A hostess should seat the guests based on their preference of seating in the evening. If you expect the place to be quite busy you may allow people to call ahead to place a reservation as well.

As you can see there are many very simple yet effective ways in which you can transform the atmosphere of your restaurant. You will find that our customers really like this transformation. They can come in for a casual lunch as well as a nice dinner. Since they already love the food you offer they will be more willing to frequent your establishment on a regular basis.

It doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming to accomplish this. Make sure your staff understands the transition and can effectively set it up. There is no reason why you can't offer a dramatic change between your lunch time and dinner time atmosphere. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into it. Explore your options and be creative so you can offer something amazing.
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