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Raised Ink Printing of Business Cards Has New 4 Color Option

May 24, 2008
Raised ink printing for business cards have been a popular standard high quality method of printing offered for over 50 years. This type of printing, also called raised thermographic printing, allows the ink on the paper to rise up and harden so one can feel it sticking up on the paper. This raised ink feeling is thought to give a memorable higher quality feeling to what would normally be a flat printed surface.

To make the raised ink a powdered polymer is administered to the printed ink previous to drying the ink. After that while the ink is dried the ink that the powder fixed to dries with a raised thickness above the flat paper. From time to time, it is needed to only have an allotment of the ink raised, therefore the selected allotment of the ink is dried previous to the powder being administered. This part of the ink will stay flat. It is the part of the ink that is damp while the powder is administered that will have the raised sense.

Many times, raised ink printing is kept limited to only one color. Additional colors adds to the complexity of the printing process. If two or more colors in a design must be printed very close to one another, then there is usually an additional handling charge for the printing due to the tighter registration required in handling. Printing designs with 3 or more colors has been rare because the increased complexity causes the printing to be quite expensive.

One choice to analysis additionally to a hunger as further color is the reason of a colored wallpaper take. This must be reviewed methodically because ink colors will illustrate a change on assorted colored backgrounds. Choices on colors, thickness, and texture of paper media provide an extremely large sum of choices for designing one's card.

One more choice which could contribute difficulty and also to the price of the raised ink printing procedure is whether it is required for the ink to be printed to the card edge. If the design involves the ink to be printed to the end of the card it is designated as a full bleed to that card end. A full bleed requirement causes extra handling complication inside the procedure which is frequently addressed by optional charges for each card edge the printing ink must advance to.

In recent years there has been the evolution of a 4 color choice to the raised ink procedure. Cards can now be printed full bleed on all edges, through a full 4 color printing process and have the whole printing raised. As a case in point, you might fill the front of the card with a color photograph and have it all raised. For now this process is only available on heavy weight bright white glossy paper media. It definitely extends the alternatives offered for thermographic raised ink prints.

This concludes our technical brief on the raised ink printing process. Its time to move on and use your new knowledge and your creativity to produce raised ink business cards that can give your business an outstanding and memorable promotion.
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