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Top Tips to marketing your product using Video

May 24, 2008
Did you know there are over 100 million people online right now viewing videos and that YouTube, the top Video hosting site accounts for over 100 million views per day ? Is that the kind of traffic your marketing efforts can afford to ignore?

Video generates traffic. Video sells. Video has become a mainstream in any kind of online marketing. More and more surfers expect to see videos in any page they view on the internet, and when they don't see video, they tend to vote with their mouse and navigate away from the page. We have to have marketing videos on our own websites.

Multimedia traffic has become increasingly important in the Web 2.0 environment that we, as internet marketers, find ourselves competing for.

Over and above the effectiveness of video generated traffic, traditional traffic sources such as PPC, are becoming more and more expensive, to the point were campaigns need to be touching double digit CTR's to stand any chance of being profitable.

Don't misunderstand me, please. I believe in PPC and drive a substantial amount of traffic to my sites using this method. However, the web is changing and as internet marketers, we can either evolve or go the way of the dodo.

Making a marketing video isn't an overly complex undertaking. The software applications required are mostly simple and reasonably priced, so much so, that a full suite of programs needn't cost more than a few hundred dollars.

How we choose to market our videos though can be the cause of complications and errors. The simplest way to market a video is to submit it to the various video sites, for example Yahoo Video or Google Video or YouTube.

After we submit our videos to the hosting sites, we can then use the code the sites provide, to embed these videos in our own sites, without requiring any additional conversion. This is a simple process, but not one I would suggest the serious internet marketer uses.

The reason I don't recommend this method is quite simple. If we take a piece of code from YouTube for example and embed this on our own website, the code also includes videos which have been submitted by other users.

Video hosting sites group the videos submitted to them into categories. Taking an embed code from a video site could well result in additional videos being carried across from a competitor site for example. We would then be offering free traffic and advertising to this competitor, which is not really something we should be doing.

The most effective way is to add our videos to our own websites, using direct conversion to a flash format and adding this flash video to our site. This is where the need for an efficient video converter comes in.

By their very nature, videos are large files. Most of the video hosting sites place restrictions not only on the length of videos they accept, but also on the size. Typically, 100 MB and 10 minutes would be a good indication of an acceptable video, which also gives a good picture of the file sizes involved.

This video conversion takes time and for most of us, this our computer is fully occupied for this time, meaning we can't do any of the other tasks our online marketing requires.

As internet marketers we should learn the value of our time and how to use this resource more effectively. Video is an equally effective resource and if we can combine efficient use of both these resources, our marketing efforts will succeed.

I see dozens of people buying into cutting edge production software whilst ignoring the conversion software. The result? Super looking marketing videos that nobody ever sees and never result in any sales.

From bargain basement to top range converters, prices range from around $70 to under $100. Is the $30 difference worth lost time and effort? I don't think so.
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