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Email Marketing And Paying Recipients To Read

May 24, 2008
Email marketing has taken on a whole new dimension with the growing use of paid email programs.

The positive dynamic for business owners is that you are essentially guaranteed that not only will the recipient read the email advertisement they will also visit your site.

How does this miracle in modern cyberspace take place?

Let's start at the beginning and take you through four primary steps.

1) You have a website you want to promote and you want access to as many email recipients as possible.

2) You work with a paid email service to have your email sent to thousands of recipients.

3) The service sends your email advertising to clients. I use the word clients because these recipients have signed up to be paid to read emails (more on this later).

4) When the email is confirmed as read the recipient is credited with a few cents AND they are taken to your website. This should be a landing page where they can sign up for a membership or newsletter.

What's the catch? Well, paid email companies will need a commission for each sign up. In turn they reward their paid email subscribers with a portion of the proceeds. If they don't sign up they still receive a few pennies.

Paid email is a close cousin to paid surveys. In fact many survey companies will also offer email payments when read.

The way these companies keep their members is to place a minimum amount you must earn before you can withdraw funds. If the member simply reads emails it can take months for them to be able to access their payment. Usually they are given a $5-10 sign on bonus so they already have money in their account, just not enough to withdraw. On the other hand most don't feel inclined to abandon the money either.

To sweeten the pot the paid email firm will offer a certain dollar amount for every offer they choose to accept. For members who are interested in accessing their funds more quickly they will begin intentionally seeking out opportunities to bank some cash. That's how paid email companies are able to encourage members to look more seriously at the offers they send. It's also how they are able to boost traffic and sales for their clients.

No one who participates in paid email programs is going to get rich, but there are plenty of individuals willing to work through at least one payment cycle by reading emails and visiting business websites. That essentially is how paid emails can be used to take your email message to recipients who WILL take the time to read it and have a secondary opportunity to make a 'next step' choice when they visit your website.

I'm not a huge fan of paid surveys, but the premise for paid emails can be beneficial to both parties. The recipient feels that the email is trustworthy even if they don't ultimately sign up or make a purchase and they also receive modest compensation for their participation in reviewing the email. The business owner gains a heightened sense that their message is being read and traffic is improving to their primary site.
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