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How to Make Money with RSS Niche Sites

May 24, 2008
With RSS product feeds now sweeping the internet many web masters are starting to see the huge of building niche websites with RSS product feeds from big and well known companies like Ebay, Amazon and Clickbank.

If you are promoting products, courses or selling a product or service what better way to compliment what you are already offering than by adding RSS product feeds to your website. There are a few tools on the market that can help you build an entire site around a keyword or niche product of your choice by adding a piece of code to your site.

All you need is RSS aggregator software that will help you pull in the RSS product feeds you need to build your site around. There are already a few RSS site creators available on the market and these make it really easy to create a whole site in just minutes. You can choose to build a site around a tight niche or a general site offering products of your choice. With a RSS site builder like RSS Gadgets or one of the other RSS site creators on the market this is easy to achieve. Most of them come with eye-catching and user friendly templates that need no changing from you other than to add a line of code.

Using a tool like that, it is really easy to display products from for instance Ebay and to make money with it. All you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate for Ebay, get your affiliate number and when you log in to their affiliate area, you will find the code for their RSS product feeds that you have to incorporate into your RSS site creator to build your website. The same goes for Amazon and Clickbank. With an RSS product feed site builder building niche websites around the products these companies offer are a snap.

With the proper RSS site builder software, you should be able to not only add product feeds, but be able to add news feeds to your site, as well as video feeds. Having fresh content on your site means that you will attract more visits from the search engines which means more visitors to your site.

Search engines are leaning more and more towards listing sites that offer fresh regular content to users in the form of RSS feeds or otherwise and having a number of different niche websites all with unique feeds can bring you mega traffic. The right RSS product feed site builder will offer you features which will make your websites both search engine friendly.

If your goal is to make money with RSS product feeds then start by getting your hands on the right RSS product feed site builder software which should make it really easy to add product feeds from Clickbank for example.
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