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Goal Setting? Too Boring...

May 24, 2008
Here's an idea, want to talk about goal setting? I don't know, on second thought lets not, let's do something else that's more exciting like watching the grass grow, listening to paint dry. Anything but talk about goal setting!

Really the only losers that want to set goals and create business plans are those geeky types like at Apple, IBM, or Microsoft right? We don't want to be like them do we? They waste hours and days with production schedules and writing out timelines and lots of other boring stuff like that. What do these people know?

But get this, these nerds also while away time working on something called Management By Objective. They even gave it a cute little acronym MBO so they can say it to each other quicker. But you know what its such a simple little strategy and anyone can do it, really I'll show you how.

Here take this blank sheet of paper. Now draw two lines down the page and split it into three sections by drawing a line across the page near the top. In the furthest left section at the top write "Objective". In the middle section write "Method". Finally in the furthest right section write "Date". Yawn... are you as bored as I am?

Well while we're into this lets have a little fun. Let's fill up the whole sheet with some things we could be doing instead of this. I mean really we have other things to do that are far more exciting than this right?

Done yet? Okay let me see yours and I'll show you mine. Here take a look at what I wrote down:

Objective - Learn more about what my business's products and services are and how I can improve them.
Method - Research online and take some notes on what I read.
Date - Spend one hour a day for at least the next week.

Objective - Recruit at least 3 new sales people or affiliates
Method - Run ads both online and offline.
Date - Accomplish this in the next two weeks.

Objective - Setup a lead capture page on my website for gathering leads.
Method - If I have time I'll do it myself or outsource it to a HTML web programmer.
Date - Get this done by the end of the week.

Objective - Take the wife and kids out to dinner Friday.
Method - Call wife at home and give her the good news of my generosity.
Date - Do this today, while I'm thinking about it.

Hmm... yours is not full yet. Keep working on it. Remember this is the FUN part of this MBO thinga-ma-bob. Don't stress about it though its nothing like actually setting goals or anything even close. Nobody likes setting goals except those slackers at Apple, IBM, and Microsoft.

Now that I think about, it its things like this that keeps the government always on their case. They set these goals thinly disguised as their MBO and become too successful in the process. These companies that do this really should be split up. They are just too successful set way too many goals. Don't they have a real life like we do?
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