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How To Outsource Your Videos

May 24, 2008
A few years ago youtube came out. Then ever since, youtube has been hot, and people watching videos online have been hot. Using videos to to bring traffic to your site is genius. People watch so many videos online these days that videos are now going to the number one spot in google. By being the number one spot in google, this means that they are bringing more traffic to your website. Which means that more people are finding out about your services and products.

There are so many options for using videos to market your products and services. You can outsource a freelancer to create an advertisement for you, or maybe create a review of a product. You can choose somebody to make the video the way you want it, because chances are you do not how and do not have the time to make a movie. Movie advertising, I guess you can say, is growing fast. So you need to find somebody to create videos for you, this will help tremendously in bringing more traffic to your web site or blog.

Now there a few guidelines that we should know when we are you trying to find people to create these videos for us. People who create videos act like it is really hard and really time consuming, when in reality it really isn't.

If you had a weekend you can probably learn how to do it yourself. The fact of the matter is that these people are going to overcharge, and they are going to overcharge you big. So you let them know what your price range is, this way they can be drawn in and when they get closer tell them the price, and what ever you do, do not except no as an answer! You do not want to lose money in this, the goal of the whole scheme here is make money by not dong much work at all.

The next thing that you need to know is where to submit your video, the good thing about this is that you can submit your video all over the web. Great places to start would have to be youtube.

Youtube is the most popular place on the web for uploading movies, it is a simple and easy process. Then also the great thing about youtube is that millions upon millions of people watch millions of movies there every single month. So if you add your link to every video that you submit, your link will be out there to millions of viewers, every single day. The videos do not get taken down after a while either, they stay there forever.

So now you know how to market your website or blog by using video. Using video is great because it attracts more viewers. People this dang age are more into media and less about reading. So find some body to create a video for you, and make sure you get top quality. Then at the same time make sure you are not getting over charged, remember, work in your budget!
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