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My Story Marketing: Myspace Marketing is Alive and Well When You Use Your Story

May 24, 2008
You can find an almost unlimited supply of prospects, partners, and customers at myspace, if you just do it right.

Myspace is a social community. If you come in selling your business opportunity or even sounding like you are selling anything people will avoid you like the plague.

If you do it right your myspace marketing will be well rewarded, and know there is a right way.

Follow these eight easy steps to make sure your myspace profile will work for you and not against you.

1. Slide Show. At the top of your page you should include a slide show of yourself, your family, your hobbies. This allows people to get to know WHO you are, and that allows them to begin to get to know you and trust you.

2. Build Credibility. Let people know what you've done in life you are proud of. No matter what it is, someone else is sure to admire your success and/or be striving for that success as well. So whether you won a gold medal in the Olympics or go the best costume award at the Star Trek Convention put it out there.

3. Why are you on myspace. Now don't tell people you are there to find leads and build your business. That won't work. You can tell them you are there to meet like minded people to connect with. I happen to live in a conservative rural area and that makes it difficult to meet like minded people ~ that's why I go to myspace.

4. Your History. What events in life have made you who you are. Share a little about your history, and what's happened that has shaped you as a person in your life.

5. Your Story. This is where you tell your story. If you have tried a million business models, failed in every network marketing business, tried to build an affiliate marketing business for the last 5 years but have made no money. That's your story, tell it. People will resonate with your story, and you will probably have a lot in common with a lot of other people.

6. Your solution. This is where you solve the problem that has held you back. Tell about how you solved this problem, don't mention your company or your product, but let them know you found a solution.

7. Call to action. Tell them what they need to do next. Whether it's call you, watch a video, go to a website. Give them instructions. Remember you are an authority on this subject. So act like it, sound like it. Don't be wishy washy here. If you say call me now to get started in reaching your dreams and give your phone number you will get way more phone calls than from a waffly call to action.

8. Give an out for the shy folks. I always provide a link or something for people to look at in case they do not feel comfortable or confident enough to just call me or send me an email.

If you write your profile using your story people will have a chance to get to know you, like you and trust you and those are the three things you need to make myspace marketing successful.
About the Author
Once your profile is correctly built using my story marketing it will be easy to build a large group of friends with similar interests. You can do this by hand or you can use a myspace friend adder. Either way your friends list needs to be targeted to your market. The best way to market myspace, add friends.
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