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How To Set The Tuition Rate For Your Tuition Agency?

May 24, 2008
If you intend to set up your own tuition agency in the near future, there will surely be a time whereby you will need to set the tuition rate that you will be charging to the parents. What should parents be charged for their children tuitions?

What is the rate for a part-time tuition and a full time tuition? The amount of hours the tutor spends each week also play a part. There are just too many variables to consider before you can come out with the right tuition rate. Sometimes, it just sounds confusing just thinking about it.

Do not worry. Let me share with you 3 tips to help you determine the tuition rate for your agency:

1. Do your research on the market. See what other tuition agencies in your region are charging parents. There are several ways to find out what everyone else is charging. You can be honest and introduce yourself and your agency. Tell them you are doing an evaluation of tuition rates in your area. Another way is to pretend to be a parent looking for tuition service for your child, and ask for the rate. It is up to you how you want to do your research. With proper research, you will at least know what is the least that you must charge for your tuition services.

2. Find out what are the services provided by other tuition agencies. You will need to sell more than 1 type of service in order to earn a nice profit to feed yourself. You can gather information on the types of activities and curriculum they are promoting. Some tuition agencies also provide other courses such as computer class. You will also need to determine how many types of subject you are going to offer. Then you can break down the individual cost for each subject and come out with the pricing.

3. Know what the market demands. The most important thing is to know what the market wants. In other words, find out what is the right price for parents to be comfortable engaging your tuition service for their children. Usually, parents are not interested in the tuition rate. They are more concerned about the environment and quality of care. So make sure that you fulfil these 2 areas through your agency.

With these 3 tips and your extensive research, you should have a good idea as to charging tuition fee. Last but not least, do not try to undercut others in your tuition industry. Parents believe that they will get what they pay for. So give them quality tuition services, and charge reasonable rates to earn your well-deserved profits.
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