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Packaging - Material And Tips

May 24, 2008
Before you reach for the bubble wrap or start grabbing your boxes it is advised that that you make a packaging list. This list should contain everything that you that you are taking with you on your move. Yes this is a time consuming job but you will be thankful when you are at your new property and you are starting to unpack. It will mean that all of your items are accounted for so when you start to unpack you can check down the list that all of your items have arrived and that they have arrived safety. Make sure that you keep this list safe and number the boxes, then under each number write what is in the particular box.

When it come to your packaging material it is important that you always buy more boxes and packaging material than you need (buy in bulk) as you can always return any items that you don't use. You should also keep at least about ten boxes spare so that you can use them to pack your last minute items. What is meant by your last minute items are the ones that you will use on the day of your move such as bedding, clothing and all of the items that you will be using on the morning of your move.

All of your packaging boxes should be securely sealed with packaging tape, which should not only be placed on the opening of your boxes but also on the bottom of the boxes in order to stop the weight of the boxes breaking the base of the box.

One aspect that you should avoid using when you are packing your moving boxes is newspaper; this is because the newspaper print can stain your items so it is important that you use plain packing paper and bubble wrap.

When you are packing your boxes it is a good idea to colour coordinate your moving boxes and use different colours for each room of your house. You should then place matching coloured stickers on each of the rooms where these boxes are meant to be placed. This way the movers will know where to put your belongings when they bring your boxes in.

It is also a good idea to pack one room at a time and start by packing the items that you use least; anything that you can pack ahead of your move will save you time on your moving day. If there are aspects that you do not wish to take with you then don't pack them you should either throw them out or donate them before you start your move.

One thing that you shouldn't pack as part of your move is any important papers that you have. These important papers may include birth certificates, school records, mover estimates, new job contacts, utility company numbers, recent bank records, current bills, phone lists, closing papers, Realtor information, maps, and more. Don't leave these with the rest of your moving items, keep them with you.
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