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Sending Out an SOS for Free SEO

May 24, 2008
Are you tired of giving your money to businesses that promise you Internet-marketing miracles, for a fee, and then fail to deliver? Then it's time you looked at free search engine optimization. When you're in business to make money, it's wise to save money by cutting operating expenses. Free SEO, or Search Engine Optimization can help you do that.

What is SEO? It's improving the amount and quality of traffic to your website from search engines. This comes through search results for targeted keywords. When you choose proper keywords for your website, it increases the likelihood your website will come up when someone performs a related Internet search.

You want your website listing to be ranked high so it appears on the first page, or at the very least the first couple of pages of search results. You don't want your website listed in pages way down the line where web surfers tend not to go. Some website owners pay big dollars to ensure they get a top listing when someone performs a web search on their keywords. Many others seek low-cost solutions to achieve these results. Their goal is to have the major and other search engines rank them high. That's a goal every Internet entrepreneur should have. Of course, there are those who provide this service free, initially at least.

You can try free search engine optimization to see if it helps your website's ranking. You can then decide down the road if you want to pay for the service. Sites that offer free SEO do exist. They are confident they can help you. They provide free advertisng so to speak so you will test their services .They hope that you will use their paid services later. Free SEO services are their way of saying, "We will prove to you that we will get targeted traffic to your site in great volume."

Here are some of the results of those who have tried free search engine optimization on one particular site. With no expenditures, they achieved the following:

* A client submitted a website and had to ship 138,000 teddy bears to the United States in a single week at $8 USD profit per bear.

* An affiliate of a certain affiliate scheme submitted their affiliate URL and gained 24,809 sign ups and over 300,000 sales in one month alone, netting him over $4 million USD.

* A financial advisor submitted his site and gained 1800 new clients in 49 days with an average profit per client of $175 USD.

It's apparent that marketers operating on the web can save tens of thousands of dollars with free SEO. When it comes to advertising an Internet business, you need to get your name out to as many people, as fast as possible. This allows you to garner cash flow faster, which is the lifeblood of your business.

Only later do you want to increase advertising expenditures to keep your business growing. Once you have established a web presence, you can then engage in bidding for keywords and pay a search engine submission company to promote your business further.

Consider free search engine optimization when it comes to advertising your website. It's a great way to be known without using any assets. When you see that targeted traffic arriving at your site, you will be glad you tried free SEO. You can then use your increased profits to take your marketing efforts to the next level right along with your revenue.
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