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Ways For An Effective Free People Search

May 24, 2008
People search is a technique for you to find people that you are looking for perhaps long lost friends, family members, classmates or coworkers that you want to get in touch with again. With the help of search engines, you will be able to get hold of information associated with the person you are trying to find. However, there are certain guidelines that must be properly observed in order to increase your chances of finding that person you are looking for.

Write Down All Known Information

Before you can start with your online search, you must take down first everything that you know about the person. Write down as much information that you have about that particular person such as his full name, nicknames or aliases, names of spouse, current address, all known cell phone or landline numbers, universities attended, personal hobbies, known friends or relatives, city of birth, professional background, companies worked for, organizations associated with, businesses owned, and any other personal information that you think will be able to make the search more effective.

Search For Social Sites

To start your search, you can look first at some popular social networking sites. These sites house a huge amount of personal information about a lot of different people and it is not impossible to find the person you are looking for in one of these well known social sites.

Blog Search Engines

Blogs are so popular nowadays and this is another option to consider when looking for someone. People love blogging and once they have their own published, it will be easier to find them. You can also make use of blogs to fish for information about the people you are finding and the best blog sites are those that are most popular in the Internet.

Make Use Of Reverse Lookup Searches

Reverse address lookup searches can help you track somebody by just keying in a current or previous address of the person in the search box. This leads you to certain residents, landlords or tenants that can give you information that will greatly help you in your people search.

A reverse phone number lookup search is just similar with that of the reverse address lookup. The only difference is that in a reverse phone number lookup, you will be entering a current or previous phone number in the lookup searches available online. The search can lead you to associated information and another great way to help you find the person you are looking for.

Finally, a reverse email lookup search makes use of current or previous email addresses. However, this reverse lookup search is not as effective as compared to the previous two since email addresses can be easily faked out or changed. If the results provide too much information for you, you can opt to try the search again by using the user id part of the email address instead of its entirety.

Contact Known Relatives

If you can still remember any known relatives of the person you are tracking, then it would really be of great help to you. This is perhaps the easiest way to find a person given that you have information about a few friends or relatives associated with the person. With the information you can get, you will have greater chances of success in your search.

These are just a few good tips on how to find the person that you are looking for and of course, with the aid of the internet, it will be easier for you to get hold of information and eventually track down whoever it is you are looking for.
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