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Tracing Email Addresses: Why And How?

May 24, 2008
Sometimes we get a lot of emails that come from unknown sources such as a person claiming to be someone who has an important position in a prestigious company or a government agency perhaps. So how do we really know from whom all of these emails come from?

There are ways of faking a return email address. It is an easy process and once you get to know how to do it, you can easily fake the email address that will flash on the screen of the recipient when you send them a message. Once they hit the reply button, you will not be able to get their answer. Bottom line is, what you see on the web is oftentimes not what you get.

There are a lot of ways to trace an email address. The options are made available in the Internet and you can easily make use of them. But what are really the reasons for tracing email addresses? Sometimes, knowing the reasons for tracing email addresses motivates us and makes it easier for us to do the work.

The Reasons

Spam emails do create headaches and if you want to stop them from causing you more trouble, you would surely want to find out who and where it is coming from. This is a big reason why many people want to trace email addresses so that receiving spam emails can be stopped.

These spam mails carry with them viruses posing risks to your computer. They are also irritating and even if you have a spam filter installed, it usually takes time to scan your emails and make sure that they are free of unwanted junk mails.

Sometimes tracing an email address helps us locate old friends or family members. Tracing an email address helps you locate a particular person and makes it possible for you to get in touch with them again.

There are also times when you have a name and address of a person but don't know how to contact him or her so you trace their email addresses. However, it is quite a challenging task to carry out.

The Ways

The internet provides us with various ways on tracing email addresses. One common technique is to do a search about particular web sites that offer reverse email search services so that it would be easier for you to trace an email address.

There are times however that people do not want to be found so they do not register their email addresses with email directories. This makes it harder for you to trace an email address. An alternative action would be to have their IP address to increase your chances of getting information about these anonymous senders.

An IP address is a series of numbers unique for each computer. It is like an identity card that the computer has. Finding a professional that is equipped to uncover techniques in disguising the IP address would really help you a lot. However, you may also have the same high standard tools that can help you become a professional all on your own when tracing email addresses.

If tracing the email address is really important for you and you have to get hold of it the easiest and fastest way there is, you can invest in tracing tools that most detectives use when accessing private data. But it is still best to find someone who can help you as this will improve your chances of success.
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