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All About Off Site Data Destruction

May 24, 2008
At a time when identity theft and fraud is more popular than ever it has never been more important for official documents to be disposed of properly. People think that simply throwing away bank statements, credit card bills and anything else with personal details on it is enough to get rid of this information and keep them safe. However, thieves are all too aware that hundreds of people do this every day which makes rubbish bins a prime target for personal information.

Even ripping up statements isn't enough anymore because thieves can easily piece together the information and get all the details they need to commit fraud against you. It is especially important for companies to protect themselves from this because there is likely to be more money to access and it would probably take people longer to notice money has gone missing than you would if it was a personal account.

An option that many individuals and businesses are opting for is off site data destruction. This is where a company who specialises in this comes and collects the private documents that you want to be disposed of properly. Any good company will use secure vehicles with bonded operators who will transfer your documents to a secure facility. Here they will be completely destroyed that same day so there is no chance of anyone getting hold of any personal details and account numbers. To give people extra piece of mind the process will be monitored by surveillance cameras and recorded so that customers have evidence that their documents have been destroyed in a secure manner.

There are many advantages of off side data destruction with one of the main ones being the fact that it is one of the safest methods of destroying confidential documents. Certain companies may find themselves targets of thieves going through their bins because they know that the company makes a lot of money. However, if these documents aren't in the bins at the company thieves have no way of finding them or knowing where they are disposed of.

As well as this, with off site data destruction you can be assured that your documents are being disposed of by professionals who know what they are doing. You don't have to worry that someone is half heartedly ripping up documents as they will be destroyed by specialist machinery that guarantees that there is no way anyone will be able to piece together any account details or personal information.
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At Shred Easy off site data destruction we offer on and off site data destruction as well as offering advice on the most secure method of disposing with your confidential waste.
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