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Cash Gifting - Reasons Behind Cash Gifting

May 24, 2008
Cash gifting has become a very controversial topic for people. From the questions that continue to be asked there is a definitely lack of understanding and therefore a fear about the whole thought of people cash gifting others. It is the lack of knowledge or a wrong perception that seems to cause this uneasiness with some folks who come across it.

Cash gifting or gifting or presents in general have always been something that people have done with one another since the beginning of time. When someone gives a gift or present to someone else, the person giving the gift or present does not expect anything to be giving back to them in return. The following are some of the things or items which society seems to feel comfortable with as far as giving to others:

- Any type of object
- Donation to charitable organization
- Cash gift of money for educational purposes
- Gifts such as baseball cards, jewelry, car, house, boat, bike, art, etc.
- Cash gift of money for medical purposes
- Virtual gifts on the internet
- Cash gifts or presents for such things as on a special occasion like a birthday, wedding, anniversaries, funerals, graduations, Christmas, Mother's and Father's day, etc.

Cash gifting or any other type of giving seems appropriate in these situations with society. But what about giving a cash gift to someone you do not know so well or a stranger? What are the reasons why people don't give gifts to others that they hardly know? Is it one of the following reasons?

- Does not have enough person tie to us
- Would not get the recognition and appreciation from my few people in my life for the giving
- Not enough monetary gain from the giving the next go around of gifts or presents
- There is a fear that it might be illegal to give a cash gift or present to an unknown person or stranger
- Feel they just have enough and cannot afford to let go to just anybody
- Ego would not get stroked enough
- Any other reasons

So, cash gifting is accepted by society in certain situations but not others? It is a biblical principle that if you give you shall receive regardless of whether it comes directly back in the same form. Faith is the key behind all things that we do while we are on earth. The IRS and state agencies have various publications, guidelines and codes which tell a person what is allowed and not allowed as far as cash gifting. Therefore there is nothing illegal about giving a present or gift or even a cash gift to another individual.

Truthfully, whatever type of gifting is being done between people or organizations, as long as it follows the rules of these the IRS and other regulatory agencies, as far as someone chooses to give something away to someone with out any expectation of return and its from their own sincerity, there is nothing controversial to discuss. Just make sure that your gifts are within the guidelines of these agencies and don't be scared to be generous in your life.

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