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Reasons To Use An Off Site Data Destruction Service

May 24, 2008
Off site data destruction is becoming increasingly popular as more and more individuals and companies are finding themselves victims of identity theft and fraud. Far too many people throw confidential documents in the bin without giving it a second thought. However, it is exactly this that makes people vulnerable to thieves who will stop at nothing, including going through rubbish bins in order to find out personal information so they can access other people's bank details.

There are various precautions that people can take in order to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of this including off site data destruction. The obvious and main reason for using this kind of service is to prevent your or any customers' personal details getting into the wrong hands as this can have serious consequences. For example, if you are a company that has personal information and bank details about your customers and thieves access this information, you are likely to be faced with extremely angry customers who will then take their business elsewhere because they feel they can't trust your company anymore.

If personal details are not disposed of properly such as through an off site data destruction service and information gets leaked, this is more than likely to create bad publicity for your company. The result of this will be a loss of business and a bad reputation that may be impossible to rectify. If people are trusting you with their personal information they need to feel 100 percent sure that this information is not going to get into the wrong hands. Even one incident of this happening can destroy a business because through word of mouth people will find out that passing on their details to your company is a risk.

Not only could you lose customers and valuable business but you could even be prosecuted under the Data Protection Act. Not only is this a major knock to any company but it is unlikely that any customers will trust your company if they know it has been prosecuted against. This is why many companies now use off site data destruction services because they know that it simply is not worth taking the risk.

Off site data destruction is an easy and stress free way of disposing of confidential documents. Not only don't you have to worry about destroying this information yourself but you can also be assured that it will be done in a safe and secure manner.
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At Shred Easy off site data destruction we offer on and off site data destruction as well as offering advice on the most secure method of disposing with your confidential waste.
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