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Top 6 Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

May 24, 2008
There are many paid and free ways to increase traffic to your website. Each method is effective in its own way, but here are the top 6 ways to get website traffic:

1.PPC Advertising. One of the most effective ways to boost your traffic is to buy it. In fact, this is the way the most popular sites usually become so popular. Setting up a Google Adwords program, or Yahoo, which offer PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a great way to get started from scratch and buy advertising for your site. Sometimes this is really the only way to get your name out there. To generate web site traffic there is no faster way to get the job done - and it's very easy to initiate.

2.Social bookmarking. Social networks on the Internet continue to grow at an exponential rate, making them one of the best ways to connect with other people online and advertise your business. Social bookmarking is one of the most effective ways to market a website to date - if you can get users to submit your website to various services, such as http://del.icio.us and DIGG, your traffic will grow. Just make sure you don't submit your own site to these services, as this is considered a big no-no. All you have to do to encourage visitors to your blog or website is place links to these social bookmarking sites on your web pages to get the ball rolling.

3.As we all know, targeted web traffic is what all webmasters are after. This is simply because the type of visitors who come to your site matter if you want to make a profit from your online business. If the wrong people come to your site, they won't be interested in the content you provide, and the service or product you sell. One way to direct targeted web traffic to your website is to write and submit articles to article directories. This is a free method to generate website traffic, and takes a good amount of work, but it's quite effective. You should write articles about the subject matter your website covers and keep writing and writing. This way you will provide excellent content and information and have something to send around the Internet advertising your website to those who may be interested. This is a great way to increase web site traffic.

4.Blogging. Generating targeted web traffic through blogging is fast becoming the new wave of Internet marketing. Blogs are everywhere, if you haven't already noticed, so it makes sense to advertise your online business through a blog, no matter what you're selling. And these days the search engines are prone to pick up blog content more so than regular websites because they are constantly being updated. As a method of getting more website traffic, blogging is one of the best things you can do. Web site traffic will naturally come to your website through your blog if you write relevant and timely content. Even if you buy traffic, this is still something you should consider doing.

5.Create a viral video campaign. What does this mean? You don't have to be a Hollywood director to slap together a decent video designed to generate website traffic. Web site traffic can come from uploading videos online because this works as another form of advertising. And it's great for bringing targeted web traffic to your site. Post the videos about your site on YouTube and make sure to include your website URL so people know where to find you.

6.Buy traffic. The sixth and probably most immediate way to get targeted traffic to your web site is to pay for it. There are several vendors that specialize in driving visitors to web site. These vendors have partner networks that furnish them the means to direct targeted traffic to a specific site. These networks allow the vendor to identify specific categories of visitors and redirect them to their customer's web sites or blogs.
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