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8 Top Tips To Help You Making Money Online

Aug 17, 2007
Making money online is simple, but it is not easy. It is all about following a system. It is all about testing and testing again. And then implementing the strategies that work. And repeating these methods over and over again. I have listed 8 tips to get you started.

Consider using low pressure sales tactics to increase your sales page conversion rate. In many niches, including self help niches, low pressure sales works far better than the normal Internet marketing routine, which can often turn off prospects. Instead, use blue fonts, realistic claims and avoid hype altogether.

Always use more than one call to action in your actual sales page. Some people prefer short sales pages and others prefer long sales pages, so give either to both. If they want to continue reading, provide a long list of benefits. If they would prefer to stop reading and immediately skip to the purchase, allow them to do that, too.

Use care when crafting a headline for a sales page. This is easily the most important part of the entire page. If you lose visitors at the headline, they will click off the page and never return. If you at least intrigue them somewhat with compelling copy, you will at least have one chance to bait them into buying.

If you sell an audio product, consider taking clips from your product and giving them away for free on your sales page. These free but incomplete pieces of your entire product will entice visitors to go from being tire-kickers to potential buyers. This is especially true if you use these audios to get visitors onto a mailing list.

If you are selling videos, consider creating a demo to give to your customers for free. The demo should provide useful information, but should also be incomplete, so that the viewer has to purchase the product in order to get the full benefit. This is a powerful sales mechanism which can improve conversion rates significantly.

If you list the benefits of a given product, you will want to use good images as bullet points. For instance, using clear, fast-loading check marks can significantly improve your sales page conversion rate. Additionally, you will want to pay attention to the colors you use. Red and blue usually work best.

Consider improving your conversion rates by carefully syncing your traffic sources with your landing pages. For instance, if you are pulling traffic for a specific keyword, you will want to sync that group of buyers to a specific sales page or autoresponder series on your site that lines up with what the group might want to purchase most.

Give away free reports that act as a natural upsell. These reports should go to great lengths describing the details of a powerful plan to do something. At the end of the report, you should then work your way to upselling the reader by providing a link to a product that makes the process easier. This will pre-sell your customers, increasing your conversion rate.
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