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How Findable Are You? What Others Can Learn About You From Cell Phone Lookup Searches

May 25, 2008
In the modern age, many people worry about the safety of their identity. This article describes what information others can find out using today's cell phone lookup search options.

Many people are wary of cell phone lookup searches, because they're afraid of other people having access to their private information. For those that aren't sure, reverse cell phone searches are services that search for mysterious phone numbers, and provide information about the number's owner. While this seems interesting and useful, the tables turn when someone else is searching for your phone number.

Recently, there was consumer uproar over the creation of a free forward cell phone search directory. While it would have functioned almost identically as a regular paper or online phone book for land line numbers does, people were not ready to allow their cell phone information to be readily searchable. Therefore, anyone looking to find out information about cell phone numbers on the web should know that complete and comprehensive forward search directories do not exist. Reverse phone searches function in the opposite way and are generally considered to not be an invasion of privacy because the user is required to have your number before they can find out more about you.

Phone number lookup searches are really nothing to fear. Phone number lookups can be divided into two varieties--free reverse phone lookups, and reverse cell phone lookups. Both services work the same way; the difference is in the available results. Free phone lookups provide information seekers with the city and state the phone number is linked to and whether the number is a land line or a cell phone. That's it, so your personal information is more than safe. Of course, if the number is a land line, searchers can continue their search for free in any phone book.

The other kind of searches are reverse cell phone lookups. Cell phone companies do not publish the names and numbers of their customers. Some companies have developed methods to research unknown cellular numbers, but the important thing to remember is that these sites charge a fee. This means that most ill-meaning seekers will simply turn away. Those searchers who are not deterred can access more information, but not much more--only the same information that's found in a phone book - your name and address. They don't have access to any account information, passwords, or important data of any nature. Remember that as a pay internet site, customers of reverse phone lookups must enter a credit card to complete a transaction. This paper trail discourages criminals of all kinds who can't afford to leave evidence behind.

Cell phone lookup searches are really nothing to fear. While it is true that some information is available, that information is minimal, and it is only available at a premium. This means that unless you've been prank calling a lot of people, you really have nothing to fear.
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