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Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Companies - Free Or Not?

May 25, 2008
Reverse phone searches are helpful services that provide information about mysterious phone numbers. Here's some basic information about reverse cell phone lookup options, and what information is available for free and for a price.

For many reasons, people today frequently think of using reverse cell phone lookup searches. Whether checking up on a difficult teenager or just wondering about some of the numbers on your phone bill, reverse phone lookups provide information about mysterious numbers. But some phone look ups advertise themselves as free and others charge a fee. All this can lead to confusion about what information is available in free searches and what information is available only at a price.

Free reverse cell phone lookup options offer a lot of valuable information. From these sites, you can learn the city and state that your mystery call originated in, and whether or not the number is a land line or a cell phone. While this might not seem like much, this is an important first step in the search for information because it dictates you next move. If the number is a land line, then you can pursue your search through many white pages websites, which are free. This is because land line records are published publicly by the phone companies. However, cell phone companies don't publish the names and numbers of their customers, which makes it difficult to find this information.

Luckily, reverse cell phone lookup searches can provide more information about mystery cell phone numbers. By paying to access records, reverse cell phone searches can provide the name and address associated with any unknown number. However, because they have to pay for this information themselves, these sites charge a fee to research a number. This means that while reverse cell phone searches might not be for the idly curious, they can provide important information when you need it most.

It's easy to see the allure of sites that purport to provide free information about cellular numbers, but the truth of the matter is that most likely you will end up more frustrated than satisfied with your service experience. Most of these sites require you to opt yourself and your information into their databases. Also, these databases are only as good as their user base and therefore only cover a small set of the millions of cell phone numbers in the United States. Sites that purport to have forward cellular search capabilities (that is, you type in a name to find out a cell phone number) generally have inaccurate information as this type of service is illegal in many regions of the United States.

Now that you know the difference between free reverse phone lookups and paid reverse cell phone lookup options, you're better prepared to find the information that you need or want. No longer will you have wonder who your lover or your child is calling. No longer will harassers or stalkers be able to hide behind the anonymity of a telephone. Information is power, but it's up to you to access it.
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