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Conversational Hypnosis Is A Powerful Sales Weapon

May 25, 2008
Among the various successful sales techniques used daily, conversational hypnosis is definitely one of the most interesting. Exactly what is "conversational hypnosis"? And, how can it be used to significantly boost sales for your business?

Conversational hypnosis, otherwise known as covert hypnosis, is a communication style. You may already be using conversational hypnosis without even realizing it. While it comes naturally to some people, others intentionally learn and practice the style of communication to benefit a specific purpose. This is true of successful sales executives. Sales executives use covert hypnosis as a means of relating a clear message that engages their client and gains their cooperation and agreement.

Conversational hypnosis actually begins with the technique of starting a conversation that will cause the client to connect to you. This will be the starting point of building a relationship with the client. Once this is done, you can start adding in some meaningful words or body language that can help direct the client's actions.

Did you know you can relate a message to another person without uttering a word? Conversational hypnosis employs actions and body language, as well as words. For an example, if you're speaking to a person and want them to notice a picture on the wall, you can simply look at the picture, and most likely the other person will also look over at the picture too. You haven't said a word, but with slight actions you've been successful in getting the person to do exactly what you wanted them to do. Utilizing this type of technique can be beneficial for sales executives.

Another approach, which is more verbal and direct, is to tell someone not to do something or think of something. As you may know, this automatically makes you do or think of what was spoken of. This approach is often referred to as reverse psychology. You may have heard parents talk about using reverse psychology to get their children to do what they want them to do, but reverse psychology is an important factor in conversational hypnosis. Reverse psychology can be effective because when a particular phrase is used, the mind has to process the phrase by using some point of reference.

A salesperson may choose to simply plant a thought directly in the mind of the customer, by making an outright positive statement about his product: "Your floor would really shine with just one fast and easy application of this superior wax." The customer begins to consider what the salesman has said and begins to think favorably about the product. The customer has been influenced by the salesman's words and is now leaning toward purchasing the wax that could easily provide him with a shiny floor.

At one time or another, we have all been influenced by conversational hypnosis. Perhaps your teenager has used the technique to persuade you to buy him a new video game. Or maybe from time to time you've made purchases based on subliminal messages in TV ads or in ads you've seen on the internet. Often people are persuaded to purchase things from telemarketers on the phone.

One thing that can't be overlooked about conversational hypnosis is the role it plays in the increase of sales. Many sales executives have proven it is an effective method for convincing customers to see things from the salesman perspective, rather than their initial perspective. Once the technique is mastered so it is undetectable to the customer, conversational hypnosis will help you seal more sales for you and your company.
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