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You Can Recruit Huge Numbers Of Prospects Just Like The Pro's

May 25, 2008
Here's a thought. Nobody that bought a lawnmower really wanted a lawnmower, per se. What they wanted was to cut their grass. Therefore, if you want to sell lawnmowers, you should talk to people about cutting grass - NOT about lawnmowers.

When it comes to network marketing people are not looking to join MLM. People have needs and they're looking for an opportunity to meet that need. They looking to make more money and have family time, etc...

They have a need and they want to find an answer to that need. Things like more money family time, etc... If you talk to people about meeting their need, then your opportunity will fall right into place.

But there is a solution to all of that. Think about the lawnmower. You didn't get into MLM because you wanted to be an MLM'er all your life. You wanted financial freedom and tine freedom, and so forth.

In like manner, people don't want MLM, per se, but they certainly can see it as an answer to their need. Also they don't like to be sold to, but they love to buy.

So here's another thought: get your prospects to sell themselves on using your opportunity to meet their need. The best way to do that is to give them useful information, instead of selling your opportunity and products.

We don't want the stigma of just another salesperson. Present your prospect with FREE help and guidance. This builds TRUST and RELATIONSHIP.

Let's not be just another salesperson. Freely GIVE people help and guidance. This approach builds TRUST and RELATIONSHIP with them. If you show people that you want to help, they will gladly come to you when they are ready to buy.

You must present yourself as a knowledgeable expert, as someone who can show your prospect how to be successful. You will then have eager prospects hunting you down to join your business and buy your product.

Hopefully you understand the significance of this approach. It will completely change your business. Sponsor reps will be more gratifying than you could imagine, with 90% less effort.

Read this again so you understand the significance of this strategy. It will completely change your life as you put it into effect. You'll sponsor more reps than you could imagine, with 90% less effort. Become the hunted instead of the hunter. You don't have to waste any more of your money buying low quality leads like everyone else.
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