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Analyzing Your Website Traffic Through Hittail

May 25, 2008
There's no doubt that if you can list high in search engines, you're guaranteed to get a certain amount of free website traffic. However, it's also true that some keywords provide more website traffic than others. For this reason, you need to periodically analyze which keywords are bringing your site the most traffic. To do this you can use Hittail.com, one of the easiest traffic analytics programs around.

Hittail.com keeps everything simple, making it perfect for anyone, even if they are new to the Internet marketing world. Basically, once your account becomes established, all you have to do is enter in your site's URL. You will then return to a list of keywords associated with your site. At the top of this list, you will see how many of your keywords are in the top 10 search engine listings for whatever search engine you selected. You will also see how many keywords are long-tail, (which means they have more than one term). Then you will see graphs indicating how much traffic your keywords are getting.

There is another feature available from Hittail.com that can help any webmaster increase Website traffic. It is called Hit Suggestions. And, as the name indicates, Hit Suggestions provides you with a list of keywords that will help your site rank better. This saves you a lot of research time.

So, what's the catch to Hittail.com? First, you have to place a piece of code within the body tag of your site's HTML. This is how the site can track your keywords. Now, this process is super-easy, but if you don't know anything about HTML coding, it might confuse you. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to use Hittail.com's help section to figure out how to get things going.

The second catch is that Hittail.com costs money to use if you get more than 100,000 website searches and/or if you want more advanced features. The price is either $9.99 or $99.99 per year, with the $99.99 price providing you with everything the site has to offer. If your site is low-traffic, you can start off with the free version of Hittail.com, but eventually you'll want to upgrade.

In conclusion, Hittail.com is a great tool for being able to specifically see which search engine keywords are doing well for your site. Through it you can see where you can make improvements and which keywords you should concentrate on in the future.
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