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Five Steps To Successful Television Publicity

May 25, 2008
TV Publicity is one of the best forms of media exposure to attract more clients, increase your creditability and generate sales.

But there is a catch.

The key to getting on TV is to provide great information while coming across as an expert, not a salesperson.

So how do you meet your objectives of getting free publicity and making more sales?

Actually, the dilemma isn't as hard as it seems when you apply these "Five Steps To Successful Television Publicity."

Step #1: Become a Great Guest

It might seem strange, but the best way to get booked for a television appearance is to demonstrate to a producer that you're willing to give before you get.

Being a great guest will allow you to get massive media exposure to your target audience. Don't be so eager for a free commercial that you waste a valuable opportunity for free television publicity.

Step #2: Create Your Message

When you pitch a producer you need to know if the target audience the show attracts is a good match for your topic. Do the research to find out what type of topics the show covers on a regular basis.

Identify if they tackle serious content or do they strictly cover "light and easy" topics. Do they cover "real people" or is the show celebrity guest driven? The best way to determine if a show is the right fit for you is to watch several segments to determine if you would fit within the style of the show.

Step #3: Evaluate Your Marketing

To get your message heard and seen by producers you need the tools and systems that will allow you to stand out from other guest experts seeking to get booked. Make your marketing materials attractive to producers by highlighting your previous television experience and communicating your message clearly to grab their attention.

Step #4: Pitch Show Producers

The media term "hook" suggests that what you are saying literally captures the producers attention long enough to "rope" or "hook" them into wanting more information, tips or advice to help their viewers.

You must answer a fundamental question for the viewer, "Why should I care about what you have to say?" To answer that question effectively and with confidence be sure whatever you pitch to producers and prepare for potential viewers is relevant, entertaining and interesting. You should also be ready with a great pitch the moment the media calls you.

Step #5: Prepare for Your TV Appearance

There is more to television than meets the eye. In fact I'd say only twenty-five percent of what you see on the screen is what's really going on. If you want to be successful in getting repeat TV publicity you need to provide viewers with information that is easy to understand and deliver your content in clear bulleted points, while remaining conversational.

When you deliver your message effectively and sell yourself through the information you provide, you'll get want you want - major media exposure.

If you're serious about getting television publicity apply these steps:

* Pitch great show ideas that they will want to produce
* Deliver your message quickly, clearly and concisely, and
* Sell yourself through the information you provide

TV producers will label you as a great guest and you'll receive praise and appreciation. Their satisfaction will lead to more appearances, and media exposure worth millions of dollars.
About the Author
Sanyika Calloway Boyce is an International Speaker, author, and frequent TV
guest expert. She has developed an easy to follow 5 step process for getting
booked on TV talk shows and news programs repeatedly. To discover how to get
millions of dollars in television publicity and tons of media exposure make sure
you visit Sanyika's site at www.tvpublicitysecrets.com
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